Friday, April 26, 2013

Thornton Winery

Welcome to Thornton's Winery
(W post)
located at 32575 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA  92589.  We've been to Temecula several times now and have tried several different Wineries, but I believe Thornton's would be our favorite.  We had a fabulous lunch, and
wine tasting.  There were 3 of us, one got all reds, one a mix white, rose, and 2 reds, and
I had a flight of champagne. 
With your flights you get a description to help you remember which ones you liked.  See my 2 stars.  We ended up ordering a case of Champagne, 6 bottles of each.
Desert was beautiful and delicious.  We shared it, all of us were full.
Walked around the gift shop and this gave me a idea of something I perhaps should try with all my saved corks.  I've got several zip lock bags full of them.  Though it's been a little over a year since I saw this...and well the corks are still in the zip lock bags.  lol
Still needing to do a bit walking to help with being so full, the gift shop wasn't enough.  We toured the grounds, which are quite pretty.
I went through the gate and got Jane, and hubby before they started down the steps.

A good day, a full day.  We headed to San Diego from here to spend a few more days before heading home.

Great place for adults.

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  1. Great, Sandy. We've been threatening to go down to San Diego and spend a few days and also to visit Temecula. Sounds like Thornton's is a good starting place for us. I love wine tasting trips.
    Thank you. xoA


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