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Vacation Ravioli's

It's time for another Menu Monday.  No I'm not telling you about a restaurant we liked during our travels, rather a good meal you can prepare..........perfect for when you have a kitchen in your travels.  We don't eat every meal out when we travel, we like to eat in; but we don't like to prepare things that take a lot of time, use a lot of ingredients.  We like to travel light.  The bulk of the time we travel we stay in villa/condo that has a kitchen.  Not only is it comfortable, but you save money in the end.  Eating out all the time is expensive!

Store bought ravioli's (these were 3 cheese), and a few fresh veggies, and you've got a yummy meal with minimal prep and cost.  Prepare the ravioli's per instructions on the package (except I've learned that it's best not to bring to a hard boil, a soft rolling boil is best, and I turn them off just before done and let them sit 30-45 seconds in the hot water before carefully removing.

Saute onions in a s…

I Long to Visit Italy

The Italian countryside.  I'd love to be riding along on the back roads, stopping at various villages along the way to sample wine.  Today's blog prompt- blog about somewhere you'ld like to visit and or move too.  We'd like to visit Italy, and have begun a wee bit of travel planning with that in mind.
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We hope to see plenty of the things other tourists see, but....we also hope to see a side of Italy those who tour quickly don't get to see.  Our hope is to be there for 3 weeks or more and really explore.

Certainly seeing the historic sites is a must, as long as plenty of time if left for food and wine!  We want to do some on our own and some with a tour group.  We may plan this trip for after retirement, we may not wait.

We've been saving our Marriott Rewards Points for years to make this all happen.

In the meantime, we'll enjoy traveling about the U.S., please use the search th…

Whetstone Park of Roses

The well known and loved poem appears on this boulder in The Whetstone Park of Roses in Columbus, Ohio.  The Park of Roses is a beautiful spot to spend time, enjoy the walk, the scents of the many flowers...not just roses; as well as a place to host a wedding.  It's located in the center of The Whetstone Park at 3923 North High Street Columbus, Ohio  43214.

The Poem: In A Garden
The Kiss of the sun
For Pardon
The song of the birds
For mirth
One is nearer God's Heart
Then anywhere else
On Earth

A lovely poem.
 There are roses a plenty, in fact 11,000 rose bushes, though my last walk wasn't during their peak season, it was still very enjoyable and pretty.  There are rose specific areas, perineals, and herb gardens. 
 Some bushes were about to burst open
 others were on their way out.  The old fashions roses tend to be the earlier bloomers and smell heavenly as you walk.  The hybrids tend to bloom later.
 The Rose Park is free and open to the public.  It covers 13 acres.