Monday, June 24, 2013

Vacation Ravioli's

It's time for another Menu Monday.  No I'm not telling you about a restaurant we liked during our travels, rather a good meal you can prepare..........perfect for when you have a kitchen in your travels.  We don't eat every meal out when we travel, we like to eat in; but we don't like to prepare things that take a lot of time, use a lot of ingredients.  We like to travel light.  The bulk of the time we travel we stay in villa/condo that has a kitchen.  Not only is it comfortable, but you save money in the end.  Eating out all the time is expensive!

Store bought ravioli's (these were 3 cheese), and a few fresh veggies, and you've got a yummy meal with minimal prep and cost.  Prepare the ravioli's per instructions on the package (except I've learned that it's best not to bring to a hard boil, a soft rolling boil is best, and I turn them off just before done and let them sit 30-45 seconds in the hot water before carefully removing.

Saute onions in a skillet with olive oil, add several hand fulls of spinach leaves, and once the spinach leaves reduce (about the same amount time your pasta is setting in the water), add sliced tomatoes (Roma's worked best, but any type will do)...stir lightly and add  ravioli's to mix...again softly.  Plate it, add pepper (fresh ground best), shaved walnuts or almonds or pine nuts, and serve with your favorite wine.  Pretty, tasty, and easy.

Enjoy, this is a favorite traveling meal.

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