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St. Mary's Cemetery in Marion, Ohio

Look at this beautiful sculpture of Jesus on the Cross.  It's taken in St. Mary's Cemetery in Marion, Ohio.  When I was a child we lived in Marion and would cut through this beautiful cemetery to get to The Park and to Harding's Memorial.  I don't think as a child I paid much attention to the beauty there.  Now, I enjoy traveling to cemeteries and find them interesting both for the artistic older stones, the history you can learn while there.  Sometimes the names you see will match those you see on street signs, sometimes other things jump out at me.

 Look at the dates here, born in 1844, Domenico Sansotta.  This jumped out at me for two reasons, the date and the name reminded me of what I thought I heard a woman I work with say was her maiden name.
 This jumped out, as it was nearby and is the same name, but look carefully...this is a Bronze Star Medal World War II Veteran.  I always love to honor our Veterans.  And certainly with the name of Dominic and the above Do…

One Room School House, Linn School

The plague gives the dates of this one room school house, built in 1897, in operation until 1942, and restored in 2003.  Reading various articles I found a bit of conflicting information regarding this one room school house.  In some articles it says the building was restored to it's 1905 status, and others said 1912 status.  Not a big difference, though I don't know which is correct.
 Above the door you can see (click to make any and all pictures larger) Marion Twp. Sub District #8).  Funny name for a school.  Apparently though #8 was the "official" name of the school kids who attended called it The Linn School.  There were many from the Linn family who attended the school, Linn's lived right across the street, and down the road.

 There were approximately 130 such one room school houses in Marion County back in the day to serve the rural population.  The school house in located about 4 miles north of Marion on Route #4, in Ohio.  The school was built of brick,…