Sunday, October 20, 2013

Braves All Star Grill in The Atlanta Airport

 When you get up around 3 am to catch an early morning flight, having a Bloody Mary with your breakfast seems totally in this time we'd been up about 5 hours already.  Braves All Star Grill in the Atlanta airport is a must.  Good food, good Bloody Mary's and a really fun atmosphere.  Everyone was upbeat and fun........and they were far more awake then we were.  Hubby and I both had an omelet, toast, and fried potatoes with our coffee and Bloody Mary's.  Somehow a Bloody Mary for breakfast always signifies the beginning of vacation from our perspective.
 Braves All Star Grill is located in concourse D.  If you're tight on time, not to worry Carolyn and the other wait staff will get you in quickly.  Things were hoping with people coming and going.  We had some time to kill before our next flight so we got to relax and enjoyed the friendliness and efficiency afforded to all.
This was our wonderful, fun, and super waitress...Carolyn.  Please look her up she'll make your day.  Generally, you make do in most airports grabbing whatever you can; this was not such an occasion.  We enjoyed our breakfast, and we will return on our next flight through Atlanta's airport.  Have your phones powered up when you get there, they have a deal for you using your phones which results in your getting a discount.

Thank you Carolyn and Braves All Star Grill for a great start to our vacation!

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