Monday, October 28, 2013

Scotts Brats on Palm Beach, Aruba

Meet Scott and Leslie.  Scott and Leslie formerly of Wisconsin here in the United States now make their home in Aruba, One Happy Island.  After vacationing in Aruba for a good number of years, they got married on the beach, and the rest if history.  Scott and Leslie serve up an awesome breakfast, and lunch right on the beach in Aruba on Palm Beach.
They're located at the Playa Linda Resort, a very popular spot on the beach.

You can have a quick bite without breaking the bank.  The food is good, the service is fantastic, the  people are friendly, and the prices are reasonable.
You can walk right up and order and take it with you, to the beach, or the pool area.
You can eat while you're walking on the beach.

For breakfast and or brunch, you can enjoy the Bloody Mary Bar

I highly recommend Scotts Brats and Leslie Bunz (take another look at the pictures), for breakfast and or lunch.  We would have eaten here more then twice, but only found it on our last 2 days...this trip.  We will be back, and we will visit with Scott and Leslie and enjoy both breakfast and lunch with them.

AND as a bonus, folks they play great music.  Check it out and tell them Sandy and Ernie (Buckeye's) sent you.

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  2. Sounds like the place to be, Sandy! I've not been to Aruba yet (notice the "yet") but I can see myself going there. Thanks, xoA


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