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Crazy Crab Hilton Head Island

What to do when you've been out shopping in Harbour Town on your BIKE, and it starts raining?  Hubby says, "you hungry?"  Great plan, let's have lunch here instead of riding our bikes back to the condo (Marriott's Monarch), and maybe by the time lunch is over...the rain will be gone.  Normally riding a bike in the rain isn't a big deal.  Unless it's cold, which it wasn't.  But, I had just purchased a nice wool sweater and really didn't want to get the new sweater all wet in the ride back.  Doesn't the Bloody Mary look awesome?  It was!
 And how perfect is this?  Naturally a beachy place for lunch is the place to stop.  The Crazy Crab in Harbour Town isn't the only Crazy Crab on the Island; but this location is perfect for shopping, eating, and sight-seeing.
 The menu is quite diverse, from simple things like my Fish N Chips to Lobster.  The place really rocks at night, I'm told.  It's quite large with several different rooms.

Alligators on Hilton Head Island Alive and Well

How many alligators do you typical see when you're out for a bike ride?  One, two, or maybe three?  At least 3 would be my answer.  This is one pon/lagoon, one sunny spot further down the bike path/trail/road another pond/lagoon had 3 or 4 more.  They were further away so I wasn't able to get a picture.  I saw alligators several days in row, almost in the same spot.  Now being from Ohio, I'm not accustomed to seeing alligators.  But, after spending 2 weeks on Hilton Head Island, it began to seem the "norm".

The one in middle almost silver.  The one on the right was huge.  Probably can't really tell that from my little point and shot camera...AND, no......I didn't try to get closer for a picture.  Males are typically about 12 feet long and weight around 500 pounds, though last May, 2012 a 13 foot male weighing 1,000 was found in Bluffton which is about 45 minutes from Hilton Head.  Female's are smaller, around 160 pounds, but regardless of the size t…

One Hundred Miles of Bike Fun at Hilton Head Island South Carolina

Walk, Run, Pedal along with me on Hilton Head Island South Carolina.  This red bike with a nice comfy seat was my transportation during the first week of our 2 week vacation.  Rented this bike directly from Marriott's Monarch Resort for $30.00 a week which included the basket, the lock, delivery, and set up.  You really must rent a bike while on The Island.  It's loads of fun, easy, cheap and great exercise.  You can ride for miles and miles and miles.  The beach is nice and packed making it a wonderful place to ride as well as all the bike paths.  AND, as you can see wide open during the winter months.  We've traveled to Hilton Head now for the 4th year during either January or February.  Love it.  No, it's not the time of year to go if you want to bake yourself on the beach; but it's a great time of year to go for peace, quiet, fewer crowds, cheaper prices and there's much to see and do.

 This map shows the bike trails and the shared bike paths...both paved …