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Though it's not quite time to start the A-Z challenge, as it begins on April 1, thought I'd do an A posting anyway.  This is a brief look at Antietam.  You could spend hours and hours there, trying to follow how the battle unfolded, reading all the monuments, admiring the beauty of artistic stones, and respecting the brave men.  Antietam was the single bloodiest day in the fighting of The Civil War.  The battle took place on the bank of Antietam Creek, thus the name of the battle.  Though it's near the town of Sharpsburg.  The South refers to it as the battle of Sharpsburg.  Some of these pictures are hard to read (was very sunny the day we were there), the above close up portion is of The 23rd Ohio Infantry Regiment.  This regiment had two men who later became President of the preserved Union, Rutherford B. Hayes, and William McKinley.

 There are a total of 9 Ohio Monuments, honoring The 1st Ohio Light Artillery, The 5th,7th, & 66th Ohio Infantry Regiment, The 8th …

April Blogging Challenge, Travel as you Go

Can you believe it's that time of year again?  I joined the A-Z challenge last year on 4 of my 5 blogs which was quite a chore.  I scheduled posts ahead...just barely made it by got them all written with I think a day to spare.  Thus far, I've only signed up one blog.....this one.  Not sure I want to bite off that much this time round.  I put lots and lots of time into writing thoughtful posts and visited far more blogs daily then was suggested.  I felt like I put alot more into it then I got back in terms of blog visits and comments and followers.  Many people felt that way, but the majority felt it was a positive experience....and soooooooooooooo

Here we are again.  When I signed up I was blog #845, think that was over a week ago, and currently I'm #841.  That means a few folks have drop out or been eliminated already.  The number changes throughout the process.

What is the challenge?  Write a blog post daily (except Sunday) in alphabetical order.  Some people elect to…