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  Though it's not quite time to start the A-Z challenge, as it begins on April 1, thought I'd do an A posting anyway.  This is a brief look at Antietam.  You could spend hours and hours there, trying to follow how the battle unfolded, reading all the monuments, admiring the beauty of artistic stones, and respecting the brave men.  Antietam was the single bloodiest day in the fighting of The Civil War.  The battle took place on the bank of Antietam Creek, thus the name of the battle.  Though it's near the town of Sharpsburg.  The South refers to it as the battle of Sharpsburg.  Some of these pictures are hard to read (was very sunny the day we were there), the above close up portion is of The 23rd Ohio Infantry Regiment.  This regiment had two men who later became President of the preserved Union, Rutherford B. Hayes, and William McKinley.

 There are a total of 9 Ohio Monuments, honoring The 1st Ohio Light Artillery, The 5th,7th, & 66th Ohio Infantry Regiment, The 8th Ohio Infantry Regiment, The 11th Ohio Infantry Regiment, The 12th Ohio Infantry Regiment, The 23rd Ohio Infantry Regiment, The 28th Ohio Infantry Regiment, The 30th Ohio Infantry Regiment, and The 36th Ohio Infantry Regiment.
  The Ohio monuments were all dedicated in 1903.  Ten states have monuments to their dead: Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Ohio.  This was the first battle fought on Union soil.  The battle strategically was considered a victory for The North, but tactically was considered a draw.

The number known to have been killed were 2,108 for the North and 1,546 for the South (3,654 total); wounded numbers were staggering for sides 9,540 for the North and 7,752 for the south (17,292 total).  Add to that the number captured and or missing, 753 for the North and 1,018 for the South (1,771 total).
*****22,717 killed, wounded, captured, and or missing in 1 single battle*********
A horrible loss for our country.

The battlefield is something everyone should put on their list of things to see.  While we can't truly absorb it all, it is worth the try.

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  1. Very interesting- I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't heard of this before!


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