Thursday, March 6, 2014

April Blogging Challenge, Travel as you Go

Can you believe it's that time of year again?  I joined the A-Z challenge last year on 4 of my 5 blogs which was quite a chore.  I scheduled posts ahead...just barely made it by got them all written with I think a day to spare.  Thus far, I've only signed up one blog.....this one.  Not sure I want to bite off that much this time round.  I put lots and lots of time into writing thoughtful posts and visited far more blogs daily then was suggested.  I felt like I put alot more into it then I got back in terms of blog visits and comments and followers.  Many people felt that way, but the majority felt it was a positive experience....and soooooooooooooo

Here we are again.  When I signed up I was blog #845, think that was over a week ago, and currently I'm #841.  That means a few folks have drop out or been eliminated already.  The number changes throughout the process.

What is the challenge?  Write a blog post daily (except Sunday) in alphabetical order.  Some people elect to blog in a theme for the whole month, others not.  There are categories which can be used or not.  I didn't choose categories last year on any of my blogs as I though the wide open was better and allowed more choices.  This year I did select TR (travel), since this is a travel blog.  I thought people would be open minded and visit all kinds of blogs last year...that didn't seem to be the case.  Example writers tended only to visit writers blogs.  Well everyone travels be it for work or pleasure so doesn't everyone enjoy a travel blog?  Apparently not, lol.  So, will see how it goes this year round.

So travel as you go; be it with your own blogging or your visits were you're traveling here on the net.  I'll be happy to have you accompany and the best part, you don't have to pack or do laundry!

The blog badge in the sidebar will take you to the blog to sign up for the challenge.  Come join us and have fun.

Pop in Often, remember Menu Mondays for dining tips, Traveling Tips on Thursday, and any day for vacation destinations.


  1. Yay for the A to Z! I don't have time to do it this year, but I'll be participating in a group with Untethered Realms.

  2. I have a hard enough time with one blog- I can't believe you did so many last year!

  3. I'm doing the A to Z challenge for the first time this year and I also have a travel blog! :)

  4. Hi, This is my first A to Z challenge and I signed up two blogs (52 posts I'm already over my head I think) . One of those is a travel and food blog and the other is a book blog I didn't choose any categories for the travel blog because I thought the title was self explanatory! I hope people will visit it.

  5. Thanks all for the visits, understand about time Christine that's why thus far I've only signed up the 1 blog this year, Kate...I was nuts last year is the only reason I can come up with, Ashely and Amrita...I'll be hoping over to your blog and add you both to my blog log.

  6. I made up my mind not to join this year's challenge after joining 2 years in a row...but your post made me think...and guess what, I'm signing up! Thanks!

    1. And I have to say that you are such a brave and able soul -- 5 blogs! My oh my.....

    2. Glad you signed up Rosanna, but please leave your blog url not your was a wild and long hunt to get to your blog. People won't have time for that when trying to read lots of blogs.

  7. Looking forward to reading your travel posts during the A to Z Challenge!


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