Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Airports, A-Z Challenge

And we begin at the beginning, a very good place to start.  Some of you may be playing today with April Fools Jokes, but lots of us are starting our Blog Challenge because it's April 1.  

Airports are a necessary evil of lots of travel, they can make or break you.  Think about your needs, your family needs don't just assume everything will happen the way you want or need it to.  Think BEFORE you go.  Airports are busy, loud, dirty and generally inconvenient places.  None of that makes for a pleasant day to start or end your travels.  

Food is generally expensive at airports, and typically not all that good.  What time are you traveling, can you...should you eat before?  Should you take snacks in your bag?  Often the place you might prefer to eat isn't where your gate is.  Look at the airport maps BEFORE you go, have a plan.  This is particularly important if you're traveling with small children and or a senior who walks with a cane or needs a wheel chair.  Airports are large and often not that easy to navigate.

I mentioned their dirty, do you really want to sit on the floor where thousands of people have walked with their shoes?  Parents this is particularly directed to you.  DON'T allow your children to wallow on the floor.  
Yes, airports are dirty and people who leave their trash behind them only make matters worse.  Don't be a slob and leave you chip bag on the floor along with your half finished big Slurpee.  It's guaranteed to get knocked over and cause a mess.  

Airports are loud, people are talking, there are announcements, radio's and games on.  Hello...you're not here along, turn down the volume or better yet plug in your ear phones.  There's no reason why the other 300 travelers crammed into that one gate need to hear your head banging garbage you call music...or the beep beep beep of the kids game.

Pillows, why do people drag their pillows with them?  I do mean drag.  They flop them on the suitcases, on the floor, on the seats both in the airports and planes where thousands have been before them, then they sleep on them with all those germs and wonder why they always get sick when they travel...hum!  If you must tote your pillow like it's your safety blanket but it in a plastic bag to keep it clean

Cell phones, wonderful tools.  Can't travel without them; but...........hold it to your ear and talk, like we all did back in the dark ages with a real phone.  Don't put the speaker on.  We really don't need or want to listen to several hundred conversations about who ate what for dinner the night before and like he said she said, know what I mean.

Pop in Often, remember Menu Mondays for dining tips, Traveling Tips on Thursday, and any day for vacation destinations.


  1. Hello, my friend! Just stopping by on my way through the list. Good to read you! Best regards, Ruby

  2. Just popping in on my rounds from the A to Z Challenge! We are also participating over at A Brit and A Southerner, here is our first post: http://abritandasoutherner.com/dream-destinations-argentina/

    I actually really enjoy airports but at the same time agree with your comments. I'm not sure why I like airports so much, but maybe it's because it's the feeling of your journey is about to start. Sure, the waiting around isn't always fun, we are not all fortunate enough to go in the frequent flier airline lounges but airports nowadays have so much going on in them that I can't imagine ever being bored.

    Great start to the challenge and looking forward to following more of your posts.

  3. I enjoyed your post. Some great reminders...and a few points definitely made me laugh. As a parent, I often think about how filthy airports are when we are traveling with babies/toddlers. I try not to think about it too much, or I would go crazy! http://www.thingsmymothertaught.com

  4. Some people are so rude in airports- especially with their phones. Or hogging multiple seats. And it does stink how expensive the food is!

  5. Great points. Why do I never think of germy things like a pillow dragged around until someone points it out? Yuck! Great A post! Happy Blogging!

  6. Thanks Grammy, Chris, Leslie, Kate, Corinne will be rounding soon and look forward to visiting your blogs...internet very limited at the moment.

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