Saturday, April 5, 2014

Enough and Everything when Traveling

No these pretty tulips have nothing to do with todays post, today's letter for the challenge; but

Ok, you might be scratching you head, saying...what?  Let me explain.  First with regard to the picture, it's last years photo, nothing close to that colorful or pretty, still watching snow melt.  No you can't have enough of color, and flowers...(PERHAPS YOU PREFER A POST ABOUT A LOCATION THAT STARTS WITH E...Effingham

But When do you know it's enough when you're traveling?  It's enough when you can't zip your luggage.  When you think you have "enough", remove one whole outfit.

When you try to do "everything" when you travel, because you think you can't get enough; you end up with not enough.  Scratching your head again, right.  When you try to do everything, you end up with not seeing enough; because everything is a blur.  Plan down time to absorb what you've seen.  That gives time to enjoy it, remember it and then you will have had enough.

Example (notice that's another E word).

We're traveling to Spain.  I've never been there before, I know we can't see everything or go everywhere, but it will be enough because we're planning.
Depart on Monday, arrive Tuesday...........beyond checking in, adjusting to the time, and doing a bit of grocery shopping (for things like coffee and maybe snacks), that will be enough.  Wednesday we'll explore close at hand in order to get back to the condo and rest and Thursday we'll pick up a friend and explore on the way back from the airport.  Friday will be low keyed and a brief day visit somewhere in preparation for a big day on Saturday, Monday will probably be another big day of touring.........see with time in between to think and chat about what we've seen.

Pop in Often, remember Menu Mondays for dining tips, Traveling Tips on Thursday, and any day for vacation destinations.


  1. This is smart advice. We did the same on our trip recently. You have to have some down time.
    Great posts on travel!

    Heather M. Gardner
    The Waiting is the Hardest Part
    Stormy's Sidekick
    Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Co-Host

  2. Great post on travelling, I'm partial to trains myself! New follower.

  3. It's always better to let the place sink in rather than rush around trying to grab as much as you can. Very sensible idea.

  4. I generally want to do everything, but end up taking a day or two of doing nothing. Not getting out of bed, not going out at all. Sit in and read type days. I have found that I don't do enough of that (yet at the same time do it all the time!) and I am rushing. Excellent post!

  5. Cool, very true, I think it is important not to rush traveling and take some time to enjoy the sites.

    Lol, I like your flower picture! : )

  6. Sandy, Such good advice. Just, just got back from a road trip in Croatia. We wander so many back roads and villages, just to get a taste, a feel of the people and the country. We still do sights, but we don't cram them in. I love this post...thanks!

  7. Thanks all for the visits and comments, much appreciated. Corinne, I have a friend who's traveling to Croatia this coming fall. Could you pass along some info for her?


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