Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Group Travel

Group Travel.......or Gettysburg  you decide.
Group travel can be fun, it can also make travel less expensive; but it's not for everyone.  It could have you feeling a bit blurry like the folks in the picture.  Things to consider before you sign up for a group travel:

  • Will you have any free time?
  • Does everyone in the group want to do the same thing?
  • Does noise and chaos bother you?  If so, group travel might not be the best option for you.
  • How many meals are included in the group price?
  • Is it a walking tour, or a bus type tour?
  • Will there be opportunities to take pictures?
Other ways to save money without doing a complete group tour in your travels...check Groupon for the area you're going to.  Sometimes there are good deals in tourist areas for dining and entertainment, as well as lodging.

Maybe a combination of your own vacation with a day or two for a group tour is the way to have quiet and group time.  Fun and relaxation.  It's also a good way to visit someplace you've not been before.

Hubby and I used to do group type vacations, not organized group tours and find as we get older trying to get everyone organized is a bit of a chore.  Who wants what for dinner, who wants to go out vs those who want to stay in; how much money do people in the group want to spend can lead to lost time and uncomfortable situations.  Think about your needs, there's much to consider beyond the price tag.

Pop in Often, remember Menu Mondays for dining tips, Traveling Tips on Thursday, and any day for vacation destinations.


  1. I don't mind group travel but I'm a bit of a loner. In general people can't follow my rhythm. Last time I travelled with friends there were all back to the hotel before me. That's not much fun.

  2. Group travel definitely stresses me out...even when I was younger. I prefer going with a just my family:) I know their travel styles, and we already know what to expect.


  3. I'm way too independent for group travel. I can understand how some would enjoy having everything arranged, but if I want that I'll go on a cruise! If I'm visiting a new place, I really prefer to explore on my own. A la carte, if you will ;-)
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

  4. Sandy, I'm not a group travel fan, but it is necessary every once in awhile. It's like you say, it's so difficult to make decisions.


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