Thursday, April 10, 2014

Interval International

Interval International is the topic for today (but if you want a destination that starts with I, here's my post on The Iwo Jima Monument)  because it starts with the letter I.  If you're a member of Interval International you can travel the world more affordably.  People who belong to various timeshare groups have the ability to deposit the time share weeks to trade to go somewhere beyond their home resort.  You can purchase travel insurance through them as well, pretty reasonably priced.

There are multiple levels of membership, each providing additional benefits to the member.

  • Regular, you can exchange your time share week, Getaways (vacant weeks more affordable then regular rental rates), E-Plus (options for re-trading your week for a different location or date), and travel insurance
  • Gold, in addition to the above benefits you get $25.00 discount when you book a Getaway, ability to book short-stays (turn your week into 2 stays of 1-6 nights), Interval options (turn your timeshare week into a cruise, golf or spa specials), Hertz Gold (discounts on car rentals).
  • Platinum, same benefits as above but, $50.00 discounts for Getaways, membership in airport lounges, free quest certificates (when you book a vacation for someone else there is a charge to change the certificate to their name, this fee is waved with this membership level), Priority Getaway viewing (you see the options before the other members
I've found the staff at Interval International to be very helpful and whenever possible very accommodating.  If you're a timeshare owner, I highly recommend you join Interval International.  Decide which membership works for you based on how you tend to use your timeshare, and how often you travel.

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  1. I've never considered this, but maybe one day it will be worth it as a yearly getaway.

  2. I know a lot of people who enjoy timeshares. I've never had one myself, but several people I know say they come in quite handy.

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  3. Sandy, I've never done a time-share, but I do love to rent a house or apartment where I'm headed and get to know a place extremely well.

  4. I like being able to cook some meals in, so love having the kitchen at the time shares. Christine, M.J. and Corinne...I think you can join without having a time share and your membership gives you the ability to purchase getaways, I'll check into that and let you know.


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