Journey through your Journals

Journals, journals can be cute or plain; they can be big or small.  Write a journal of your trip/travels/vacation.

Moving right along with our A-Z challenge and today's letter is J=Journal.  Keeping a journal can serve several purposes.  If you're taking a family vacation, getting the kids involved in writing a journal about what they see, where you're going is a excellent way to keep them busy.  AND it's far more productive then letting them tune out with an electronic something.  They can keep track of mileage, dollars spent each day, particularly if you're travel by car.

Writing a journal is a good way to remember your trip.  What day you went where; even as an adult and makes for a nice momento.

Journals can aid you identify your pictures after the fact also.

Journals are a good educational tool also for the kids.  When they write about what they saw, what they learned, what they liked etc.  Find those places on the map, learn how to spell those words.  All very positive.

For a J destination, here's my post on Joshua Tree National Park

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  1. Love journaling, though I don't do it as much as I used to. I was blogging on my old journal posts, but have slowed down on that, as what's left mainly are the more intimate and embarrassing entries. Maybe once I get back into blogging regularly, I'll get back to posting on my old journal entries, even though they may be a bit risqué. :) Writer’s Mark

    1. Thanks for the visit Nancy, hope to see you blogging more again with or without your journal.

  2. Sandy, I try to keep journals. Sometimes I'm better at it than others. Nowadays, an easy journaling strategy is taking an instagram photo and captioning it at least once a day. What do you think?

    1. I've not gotten into instagram, joined pinterest but frankly don't get how to use it, lol. But, the once a day thing sounds like a good idea, if you're in an area where you have internet access. When we travel outside the country we typically only have access when in our hotel room, and have the phone on plane mode to keep from getting extra charges. I might have to check into the instagram thing. The other problem I have is, I travel with my ipad (which is left in the hotel room), and take pictures with my camera so don't have the ability to do anything with pictures until I return home. This is something to explore, thanks for the tip.

  3. Thank you for dropping by today. I have tried to visit your blog but just get an error message. You must have closed that one. I loved journaling on vacation. I kept a journal of our entire 32 days to Australia to Bangkok trip and then left it on the airplane never to be found. So upsetting.

  4. My parents used to force me to keep a travel journal when I was young but I am now SO glad they taught me the importance of recording my journey memories.
    Thank you for coming by my blog. I'm always glad to know any one else with wanderlust!

  5. I like to journal. And I like your ideas for having kids to journal on vacations. It's so easy to forget what you did on vacation sometimes b/c they can be so packed full of activities.

  6. They make for a wonderful way to slip back into a place or time.


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