Xenophobia and Xenia

X...this letter gave me fits last year, but since I had signed up multiple blogs to the challenge last year I really had to stretch.  I used X Marks the spot, the city of Xenia Ohio, and X...well here, take a look

There are 6 cities/towns with the name of Xenia in the United States.  One in Colorado in Washington County at 4,534 feet of elevation, Kansas in Boubon County at 1,040 feet, one in Iowa in Dallas County at 1,027 feet, also one that used to be in Hardin County, but there's very little documentation of this, Illinois has a Xenia in Clay County at 534 feet (this location is now known as Altanta), and the one most known for the horrible tornado in Ohio.

Additionally, there used to be a city/village in Missouri named after Xenia Ohio as a matter of fact, that no longer exists.  There is a sign marking where the village used to be in Nodaway County.  It moved to Pickerington when it was by passed by the railroads and ceased to exist back in 1870.
There was a small skirmish during the Civil War between The Union from the Iowa Calvary and the Confederates from southern Nodaway County.

 fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign

**After the close of April's A-Z, I plan to continue to write a post a day in the month of May using again the A-B-C's as my guide.  My focus for the month of May will be Spain.  I've been planning and almost have every letter thought out.  If others are interested in continuing to blog daily using our A-B-C's, please let me know.  We could start a linky and continue what we've begun during April.  I don't imagine it will be anywhere near the scope of the annual April Challenge.  But, if you're interested, please let me know in your comment.  And even if you're not up for another blog challenge, do stop back in, I have much to share from recent travels to Spain.**

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  1. Sandy, I'm glad to know I don't have Xenophobia!

  2. One of our students commented, "Great job on your blog!" Visiting from A to Z Challenge at Learning at Cedar Ridge Academy and Cedar Ridge Academy

  3. I certainly don't have xenophobia, thank goodness. I found this post interesting, especially about the towns that were uprooted due to the expansion of the railway. It benefitted many, but disrupted family lives and businesses along the way. http://www.writer-way.blogspot.com

    1. Please leave the url to your blog Michelle with a hyperlink or the name and url option vs the cut and paste. Cut and paste isn't a live link.

    2. Michelle, even using your cut and paste won't work, as you have your blog closed to ALL who are not google+ users. Please change your settings so folks can return your visit.

  4. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will probably do more posts in May as I will be traveling. But I don't think I could do another A-Z. This month was hard because I did not have a computer with me everyday.

    1. Understand not having a computer with you daily. I was out of the country during the beginning of the challenge and while I had my posts written and scheduled ahead to publish, I played catch up with returning all visits and comments and visiting the 5 blogs from the linking daily on my return. Then once I got caught up was gone again for four days at the end of the challenge and am playing catch up now...even though it's May 1.


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