Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zipline Tours

Zipline Fun!, we're at the end of the alphabet.  I've never gone on a Zipline, probably wouldn't, but people I know whom have, said it was fun.  Just don't think it's my cup of tea.  Above picture is linked to a place in southern Ohio, Hocking Hills where you can zipline through the forest.

If you like outdoors, how bout Zion National Park, here's the link where I've blogged several times about it. HERE

Or maybe you prefer the animals at the Zoo?

**After the close of April's A-Z, I plan to continue to write a post a day in the month of May using again the A-B-C's as my guide.  My focus for the month of May will be Spain.  I've been planning and almost have every letter thought out.  If others are interested in continuing to blog daily using our A-B-C's, please let me know.  We could start a linky and continue what we've begun during April.  I don't imagine it will be anywhere near the scope of the annual April Challenge.  But, if you're interested, please let me know in your comment.  And even if you're not up for another blog challenge, do stop back in, I have much to share from recent travels to Spain.**

If you're a new follower, please let me know so I can reciprocate.


  1. Nope, never zipped. My daughter did a zipline course in Hawaii and got stuck in the middle. The workerbees had to get a ladder and give her a push to the platform. That's all I needed to hear!
    Visiting from AtoZ~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

  2. I'd love to try this ... not sure I'd have the nerve though :)


  3. I love a zipline! We did one in Zambia over the Baroka Gorge...too fun!
    Sandy, Congrats on making through the A-Z Challenge, I've loved reading your posts.

  4. We have one near us - my husband is keen, but I'm not. Zion - now that's a different story! It was almost my Z but I wanted to save it for a longer post later. Just gorgeous. And we've all made it! Well done us.
    Anabel at Anabel's Travel Blog

  5. My cousins built a zip line in their back yard. It was a blast, even if it wasn't very long. Oh, and I LOVE Zions. We went there when we were first married and have some great memories.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  6. Zip lining is fun, a wee bit scary at first but fun once you take that step off the platform!
    Congratulations on finishing up. I look forward to Spain tomorrow.

    1. Please don't leave a cut and paste, use the name and url option so you're leaving a live link and or leave a hyperlink.

  7. I wanted to try zipline. It just rained when I'm about to have my first. I'm looking forward to it. Congrats for completing the challenge

  8. Hello Sandy,
    I, too, am behind in visits - maybe make it up this rainy Saturday.
    This is a super post! I'd like to try zipline, might have the guts for it.
    But the best parts are 2 of my favorite places: Zion Nat'l Park where I hiked, and zoos, any zoo - since I was a small child wandering the St Louis Zoo in Forest Park. Nice reminders of happy times.
    Thanks for visiting my Zeppelin post. It was fun to put together. I have stood in that hanger where the Hindenbutg burned. Eerie!
    And Congrats to us both for finishing.
    Mary at Variety, the Spice of Life

  9. A zipline sounds like so much fun. I havn't done it yet, but I would jump at the chance. Thank you so much for visiting my blog in the A-Z Challenge. I fell behind in visiting as I was so busy in April. Next year I plan to do much better. Of course the names are all still up!

  10. I actually had the opportunity to zipline through the tree tops in Alaska and it was an amazing experience! Such a rush! Congrats on finishing the April A to Z and good luck with your Spain May challenge! New follower. :)

  11. Thank You for visiting Barn & Beach, do I now have a double catchpa? I got so much spam I left it with the webman, How do you download the badge 'Survivor'? or your road trip for that matter?


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