Sunday, May 4, 2014

Casa del Corregidor, Marbella, Spain part II

 Did you see yesterday's post?  If not scroll back it's part I to this one.  Casa del Corregidor, historic AND a wonderful place to fill your belly.  I'm continuing to blog in a-z style for the month of May all about my recent trip to Spain.  So today is D=Dinner.  Our first meal here at Casa del Corregidor in the square of Olde Town Marbella, Spain was tapas style.  Certainly not portion sizes, but we ordered items that we could all share in.  There were 3 of us.  Round 1 was a fresh fish platter and veggies.  The fish were grilled and quite tasty.  I'm not one to ever order fish; but did enjoy most of these.  There were about 4 different fishes on the platter.  Only one seemed oily or stronger to me, but both Jane and hubby enjoyed it; as would most folks who like fish.
 Another round was an awesome beef kabob, again grilled with luscious fresh vegetables.
 We enjoyed wine, as you can see; and a delicious and pretty flan....something they are noted for.
 While we ate outside, as did everyone else; the inside of the restaurant is very cute.  Small and intimate.
 The far wall is a wine rack!  Wonder how long it would take to try everything, lol
 Outside, sidewalk cafe's are made very comfortable with heaters even on days with damp cool weather.
 That's me on the left with our dear friend, Jane who joined us for this marvelous adventure of traveling in Spain.
 This makes my mouth best meal of the entire trip.  Beef Stroganoff.  I couldn't eat it all, but I sure tried.  This was our 2nd visit to Casa del Corregidor.
 Jane had the paella with all kinds of wonderful seafood.  We had paella elsewhere earlier in the trip; but this was better.  See the pan......right there on the table.
A seafood sampler.....No one leaves here hungry and definitely a place to return too.

We truly do plan to return to Spain, and while we will try new places...........we also plan to return to our favorites........this is at the top of the list!

Tomorrow's post will be the reflection of this years A-Z challenge

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  1. Looks superb and what a great idea off the back of the A to Z. You certainly have blogging stamina. We are off to Europe in a few weeks, although not reaching Spain, can't wait! Congrats on making it through the A to Z in April and I hope May is just as much blogging fun for you.

  2. Now I'm hungry. The portions look huge!


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