Saturday, May 10, 2014

Iberian Airlines, Business Class

 That's hubby on Iberia Airlines flying business class. Thank you Pam Keystone at The Art of Vacationing, our fabulous travel agent.
That's me, as we begin our adventure flying from Chicago to Madrid.  First time we've flown business class, first time we've flown Iberia and the first time to fly over night anywhere.  What an exciting trip.  Look how space age this new design is.  You have a very private pod with all kinds of room.  It was super comfortable.  Notice the half wall to my right your left in the picture.  That way slides down if two people are traveling together and can be put in place for privacy if you're not 2 traveling together.  4 seats across with 2 aisles.  The center where we were has the double seats with singles on each of the sides.
 Those are our screens.  Everyone has one with controls, earphones, and choice of language.  You can watch movies, listen to music, or follow where the plane is in the air.  Hola...yes, you've guessed it, Iberia is a Spanish Airlines.
 Looking towards the front of the plane, you see how much head room there is, notice the 2 people standing, each in the aisle on either side of the two center seats.  The space just beyond is one of the galley's  and the bathroom.  Just 3 or 4 rows behind us was a 2nd galley and 2 more bathrooms.  Space is not an issue.
 Food was fabulous.  This was the beginning of our first meal.  We had an awesome salad, soup and cheese plate for starters, though you can just barely see the soup it was a cold gazpacho that was excellent.
 Wanting to show you how the seats turns into your bed for the night.  Here's the pamphlet photo.  This seat is one from the side.  The gentlemen is fully reclined and he would be on the aisle.  Notice the area between him and the side of the plane.  Seats are staggered, so the next person would be closer to the side of the plane.  The area by his head on the other side of the pod would be where the other person's foot area would be.  You're never leaning back into someone's space.
 Forget my knobby knees, I'm trying to show the space.  Even when sitting up you can have your legs and feet up...with the area beneath my feet as added storage.  You can see my blanket and pillow all nicely sealed in plastic...clean and neat!  Off to the left, you can see my gray sweater hanging, there's a little hook for each pod.
 Wine is served in a glass wine glass, poured from bottles!
 Newspapers in multiple languages are available.  Not the best picture both hubby and I were leaning back in order to get the picture.
 Several plugs for each pod so you can kept you ipad, kindles etc fully charged.
 A wine list!  They even did a bit of a wine tasting.  Hubby tried all 3 reds, while I hit pay dirt on the first wine and liked it so much I didn't switch.
 Snacks and beverages before dinner, water glasses constantly filled.
 Pretty snack plates and cloth napkins!
 This was lunch or snack on our return flight from Madrid to JFK.  Hubby was full and didn't take a try, but nibbled a bit on mine.  See the cute little bottle of olive oil?  That was served with each of our meals.  And look....real silverware!
 Hubby's fish meal on the flight over.  He said it was very good.
 This was cheese ravioli and was wonderful!  My main dish on the flight over.  I was sadly too full after all the other goodies to be able to eat all of it.
 The menu with 3 selections for the main dish.
Even a digestif after the meal.  Service, food, and comfort can't be beat.  We used Marriott Rewards points for this business class flight as the cost is $$$$.  Hubby says probably won't do that next time, I'm not so sure.  It take alot of points, but the flight was sure an experience.  I arrived without swollen legs and feet because they were dangling down the whole time.  I was able to move around so wasn't stiff, I did manage to sleep ........I've never been able to sleep on a plane.  He can sleep anywhere anytime.  If you have points, not just Marriott Rewards and need help using them for flights, please contact Pam Keystone at The Art of Vacating.  
  She can help you with ALL phases of your travels.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend Iberian Airlines!

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  1. Sandy, I've only flown Business once when the girls and I got a free upgrade...loved it...not going to spend the money on it...ever!

  2. I love business class :) Well, who doesn't! I use my frequent flyer points to upgrade when I'm out travelling and it is so worth it. This business class looks very good, do you know what type of aircraft it was? Looks like it is fairly new. I have flown Iberia from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Madrid, and that was certainty not a new aircraft, it was actually a bit scary I must admit.

  3. Looks like a cool adventure!
    Hey, I saw your comment on my Working in Words blog about the A-Z Challenge. I did the whole thing with 7 other blogs, but not that one this time. ;-)
    Congratulations on finishing again this year!

  4. Now this is the way to travel!

  5. Just as we are deciding that Spain is our next destination, I catch your post on Iberian. Writing that down! We're excited about making this trip. Thank you, xoa

  6. Annis, nice to see you again; it's been awhile. I've blogged the whole month of May about Spain. Hope you're able to read and decide what you want to do and where you want to go. Sing out if you have any questions.

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