Saturday, October 7, 2017

Touring Ireland and Scotland

This is a map of our travels through Ireland, North Ireland and Scotland.  Counting the day to travel there, and the day to travel back, this was a 15 day tour with Insight Tours.  The tour started in Dublin, then went south and then traveled along the coast, upward through the Ring of Kerry, northward again on the coast, inland a bit to Limerick and back to the coast, northward to Sligo Bay.

On day 9, we left Ireland crossed into Northern Ireland only briefly though.  Spent one night there and then across to Scotland via a ferry from the Port of Larne, docking in Cairnryan, Scotland.

In Scotland you can follow the path northward, along the coast often up to Inverness before heading southward to Edinburgh.

We traveled approximately 6,925 air miles, 25 ferry miles from Northern Ireland to Scotland and if the map I plotted on line is right maybe 4,000 ish in our jaunting around?  I need someone better with maps than me to look at it.

Our tour guide, Robbie with Insight Vacations is a walking encyclopedia with information.  So much history, hard to absorb it all.  Really enjoyed ourselves.

We book our airfair using rewards points to help with the cost, and didn't fly business class.  I would have preferred to do that.  Hubby can sleep anywhere, I find it hard.  Plus would have been nice to get feet up, but...we thought we'd give it a try.  Might also have been nicer to arrive a day early to rest before starting the tour, but when you do that, you don't get your transportation from the airport to the hotel.

Trying to re-start my travel blog, it's been soooooooooo long since I've posted.


  1. Hi Sandy- gosh you have been gone a while ... just enjoy being back ... and I'm sure the travels were fun - cheers for now - Hilary

  2. Welcome back to blogland, Sandy. What a wonderful trip and travel log. Thanks for sharing all the information on airline and tour. I enjoyed it vicariously. So good to see your visit and comment on my blog. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment Sue, much appreciated. Think I'm going to enjoy getting back into it.

  3. Thanks for the visit Hilary. I knew it had been a long time, but had no idea how long it had been until I looked at the date......yikes.

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