Monday, October 9, 2017

Trinity College, Dublin and the Book of Kells, part I

 The Brian Boru Harp or Celtic Harp which is the official emblem of Ireland.  This is taken in the long room at Trinity College in Dublin.  Trinity College was founded by charter by Queen Elizabeth in 1592.  The oldest part of the library was built between 1712 and 1732.  This is one of the world's great research libraries holding the largest collection of manuscripts and printed books in Ireland.  This harp is the oldest to survive from Ireland and they believe it dates from the fifteenth century.
 The ceiling looks like a ship.  Each section is marked by a bust.  The books are not filed alphabetically by title or by author, but by size.  Since the shelves go floor to ceiling the largest books are the first layer and with each new layer/shelf the books become smaller with the very smallest at the top.  You can see how that gives them the ability to house more books.
 One view of the very tall shelf unit.  You could get a noise bleed climbing the ladder to get a book at the top.
Another view of the books.  Can you smell how musty the place is?

The library and campus get lots of visitors.  Tickets are required.  Prior to our touring the library, we had a local guide (a student) give us a tour of the campus.  The local tour guide was lined up by our tour company, Insight Vacations.


  1. If the books are sorted by size, how does one find a specific book if one wants a specific book (and not just to browse)?

    1. There actually is a catalog they said. But how cumbersome it is, I don't know. Some of the books on the bottom shelf were 2 and 3 feet tall...old manuscripts when books were made so differently. Truly am amazing site. Thanks for the visit to my blog, much appreciated.


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