Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Trinity College, Dublin Ireland

Despite our being on The Trinity College Campus in Dublin, Ireland as part of a tour group with Insight Vacations and a local guide, there were really campus type activities going on.  These tent areas are for what they call Freshers Week.  Each area was set up so student could learn about activities and social clubs on campus.
I thought the students must think it odd, to see so many tourists day after day on their campus.  But, I suppose you get used to it after awhile.
The top of the gate/arch.  Gorgeous old buildings.
The arch, as you can see is quite large.  AND look how green the grass is, we were in Ireland after all.  A cool, windy day, as you can see from the sky.  Weather doesn't seem to stop people in Ireland from being out and about.  After leaving the campus area, we walked and toured more in the area via our coach. 

Pop back in, as we tour a beautiful park that pays homage to some of the Literary Giants who hail from Ireland.  And if you missed the previous posts about this Irish adventure, please click Here for a Map of the entire tour.

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  1. If your university is a tourist destination, I think the students would get used to it. Much nicer than the university I attended ;)


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