Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Let's Travel back in time with the help of a time a time of black and white, a time of homemade Halloween Costumes.  

Me on the left wearing a very itchy burlap dress my Mom made.  I was an Indian Princess.  My long braids were a black scarf that I used for years as a black scarf.  

In the middle, my younger brother as a bunny.  I don't remember what Mom used to make his costume...fabric wise, but she was quite a seamstress.

On the right is my older brother as a Hobo.  What's nice from memory is none of us wore a mask, so we could easily breath and see where we were going.  We're standing in front of the family TV (yes family tv, there was just one, like in most households).

The location, Marion  Well, not sure but am guessing somewhere around 1955 ish?

As we travel back in time, I'm reminded how different the holiday was celebrated then.  There were no parades, no parties at school...after all you went to school to learn, not to have parties.  You went door to door in just your neighborhood and parents stayed at home in the house, so they could pass out the candy.  You always were invited into someone's house, cause you knew them and they knew you.  They pretended to guess who you were, why you'd chosen to be.......whomever it was you'd chosen to be...AND, you always said Trick n Treat, and you always said thank you.

In my neighborhood now, parents are always with their kids, kids get driven from neighborhood to another to collect more, most kids are wearing store bought costumes, there is no neighbor to neighbor conversation.  Most kids don't say thank you, and sadly most parents don't make them.  Most schools have parties and parades so the kids typically celebrate either the whole day or multiple days......perhaps overload?  Perhaps too much.  Simpler might be better.

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  1. You and I came from the same era. We did say thank you. We'd be in trouble if we didn't.

    Thanks for the wonderful memories.

    Have a fabulous day and happy Halloween. ♥

    1. Thanks for the visit, always appreciated. We're showing our age, lol

  2. I still hear parents urge their kiddos to say "thank you". Might just be my neighborhood. But yeah, times have changed.

    1. Glad to hear you're hearing that. I'm really not very often. Not just with regards to Halloween, things in general.


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