Friday, November 9, 2018

Day 7 Lake Maggiore

Morning, would you like some coffee?  Here we are at the start of our day 2 in Lake Maggiore.  Well I'm the one taking the picture as Dear Hubby pours the morning coffee.  We slept in..............ahhhh, so nice.  Ordered a pot of coffee and sat on our patio enjoying the morning sun and coffee, checking out emails and just continuing in our relaxed mode.  We didn't even get dressed and go for the group breakfast.  

The only scheduled activity of the morning/day was yet another optional (paid extra excursion).  This excursion was another 44 Euro's per person, titled Italian Lake Como and Bellagio.  The description for it Lake Como is the most picturesque of all the great Italian lakes.  You cruise around (yes another boat ride), the magnificent villas of the rich and famous (the home of George Clooney), and stop at Bellagio with time on your own.

 Instead, we did laundry.  It had been so much warmer than Ernie anticipated, that he needed more short sleeve shirts.  He still had shirts, but they were long sleeve, and I had not been able to double up as much as I had hoped to with my tops, for the same reason.  We were given directions to a nearby hotel (actually the one we were originally suppose to stay in according to our tour itinerary), that had a coin operated laundry for guests.  We ran into fellow travelers Glen and Yvette from The Gold Coast.  They decided to take the day off from excursions as well and get their laundry done.
Thank goodness they did, as they had experience with the machinery.  They had been traveling for about a month prior to hooking up with the tour group.  They had been traveling throughout England and were scheduled to travel several more weeks after our tour, perhaps to Spain?  I'm not sure I remember where they said they were headed next.  Anyway, the four us did our laundry together and enjoyed each others company.

We worked up an appetite doing our laundry and went across the street from our hotel for lunch!

We sat right by the window here and had a fabulous pizza.  I actually ate my whole pizza!  Had couple of glasses of wine or Prosecco...can't remember which.

Rested up we went exploring...and found
This beautiful historic little church.
 A court yard
An outside stations of The Cross
Trophimus Daphidianus servo di Tiberio Claudio Cesare Augusto. Sacro alla Memoria Eterna"

Though I'm not able to read what is above the door, several webpages indicate part of what it says is the caption I've added.  The buildings were built in different time frames, but The Church, Santi Gervasio and Protasio is listed as 16th century and built in The Piazza della Chiesa.  It has a bell tower, and Baptistery.  The church was consecrated on May 13, 1343.

 Look at the detail, truly gorgeous.

What a nice day and explore we had.

PLEASE leave me a comment when you come visit, so I know you were here. Your visits and comments are very special to me.


  1. Sometimes you just need to regroup and rest. Getting your laundry done is always a plus when you're traveling.

    Now I'm hungry for pizza.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. And yeah, you so need to a laundry day. I don't know how people travel more than a couple days without some laundry time thrown in.

    1. I know, we like to travel lite, we find it easier. You really can't pack enough for 2 wks anyway. Not when it's hot and you're in need of changing daily.

  3. Sounds like a great and relaxing day. Lago Como is beautiful as well, but I enjoyed Maggaiore and all the Isles the most

    1. Yes I think this was a very pretty and relaxing area.


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