Tuesday, August 13, 2019

LeVeque Lincoln Tower for the 4th of July Celebration

This past 4th of July hubby and I did something a bit different.  We made hotel reservations at at LeVeque Lincoln, the tall thin white building you see on the left.  This is in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  For many years it was the ONLY sky scraper in the city and you could see it as you traveled north or south of the city, quite a landmark.

It's located at 50 West Broad Street and stands 555 ft and 5 inches tall.  When it was opened in 1927 it was the 5th tallest building in the country.  The Architect was C. Howard Crane.  Through out the history of the building it has held a Theater, a hotel, offices, and apartments.  It is now a part of The Autograph Collection of Marriott Boutique Hotels.

My lobby picture didn't come out very well, so this from The Marriott Webpage.
Notice the stars behind the check in desk.

And the star gazing picture and telescope in our room decor.  

Throughout the hotel and webpage there are many references to Under the Stars, Beneath the Stars...navigate your way to a Luxurious stay.  The hotel has been an aerial lighthouse for Amelia Earhart...the star of the skyline.

Looking at a picture taken at nigh with the top of LeVeque Lincoln Tower being lit, you can certainly see why (though discount those other buildings, as they wouldn't have been there then).  Photo Credit again to Marriott.

 A very spacious and well appointed room.
 Even the vanity in the bathroom is quite attractive
It's rate for me to think a shower is spacial, but this one sure was...very pretty and spacious.

 Before you head back to your room for a night of dreaming under the stars, the staff makes this happen.
I took two pictures so you could see how the galaxy on our ceiling actually changed.  It was very cool.  We came back from watching Red White, and Boom (the fireworks display), had a drink in the bar and we walked into our room, before we turned on the lights this greeted us.  AND after we got ready for bed this continued...not sure how long.  I did purposely stay awake looking up to enjoy it a while before nodding off to sleep.
Marriott's picture of the bar which was too dark for me to get a decent photo that evening.

One of the entrances to where the elevators were going up to the residences.  Look at the detail in this historic building.
AND the gorgeous elevators!

You can tell we were in a perfect spot from this aerial photo of the fireworks...almost behind the huge display in the sky you can make out the LeVeque Lincoln Tower.

A fun way to spend the Holiday!

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  1. What a beautiful place and that room and bathroom is so pretty. I could stay there.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Sandy. ♥

    1. Thanks for the visit Sandee, much appreciated.

  2. Looks like a gorgeous hotel. Glad it was a great trip.

    Liz at Laws of Gravity

    1. It really was a good holiday and such a pretty hotel, loved seeing it.

  3. So beautiful! Looks like you had a nice stay. Love those elevator doors. Does each door say something different?

  4. Oh, I like enjoying your travels vicariously. ~grin~ What a lovely place.

  5. Popping by, still alive! Haha. Lovely hotel and that star effect! Beautiful, I'm glad you had such a lovely time together x

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