Sunday, September 22, 2019

Wineries, Airbnb and Mother Daughter Trips

Ell Cove Winery in Gaston, Oregon.  On a recent Mother Daughter trip to the west coast we spent a few nights in Portland at a Airbnb.  The purpose of the trip was business for my daughter, but I was able to accompanying her for about half the trip.  She kept busy during the day, while I knitted and walked and explored the neighborhoods where we stayed, but on our first wkend we were able to visit some wineries and to some wine tasting.

General View of Elk Cove Winery which was started in 1974, very early in the Oregon Winery Story.  At that time there were less than 10 wineries in Oregon.  40 years later there at 700.
 A beautiful and very peaceful hill top patio/deck area for wine tasting.
We really enjoyed our time at Elk Cove with our knowledgeable guide.  The story behind the name of the winery is cute.  Back in the early days Pat and Joe Campbell were working in the field near their trailer (which preceded them building a home) when 40 Roosevelt Elk showed up.  

 Very pretty in every direction.  In some areas you can see Mount Hood off in the distance.  Truly a very pretty area.
 We enjoyed a flight and selected what we liked best.  We purchased a bottle of Pinot Noir to take with us and a Rose, and had a half of a case shipped home.
This was the first of our stops.  We both enjoyed it and highly recommend the staff, the views, and the wines!  My daughter's been able to locate a local wine shop at home (St. Louis) to purchase Elk Cove.  Thus far, I've not been success in Columbus Ohio; but still have 1 bottle left from my hopefully I'll find more locally.  If not, I can order and have it shipped.

My daughter purchased some beautiful flowers at the farmers market prior to picking me up at the airport, which added to homey feel at our airbnb.
She likes traveling using airbnb's over hotels for added comforts and space of having a kitchen and living room.  And when you're multiple nights in the same location it is generally more cost effective.  I got a kick out of the canisters and thought them picture worthy.  If you're a child of the 60's, you no doubt will chuckle.

 A huge benefit of an airbnb over a hotel room is fixing your own meals.  My daughter loves to cook and is a rather good one.  We had wonderful avocado toast for breakfast for several meals.
 She prepared a lovely salmon dinner one evening with fresh salmon purchased at the local farmers market.
Recently I read an article with some stats from research about how important, and healthy mother daughter trips were.  See how smart we are, lol.  We've enjoyed several trips together prior to reading the article; but both agreed it's time to consider where we go next.

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  1. I've not been to Oregon in too long. Looks like it was a great trip.

    1. It really was fun Liz. Hope to go back again sometime.

  2. I was born and raised in Oregon. Wet on the coast. I remember that.

    I love wineries. They are fun to explore.

    That food looks fabulous.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

    1. Awesome Sandee, do you get back that way? Thanks for the visit.

  3. What a wonderful visit! My mother and I did go places together, but nothing by ourselves for the most part. I do have fond memories. Be well!

    1. My Mom and I never traveled together for girls time, didn't have the money back then and it just wasn't something we did; but my daughter and I really enjoy it when we go places together.

  4. That was so much fun to read about. I love the peace of wineries, the way all your senses are touched there. I do not like to cook any more but your daughter's meals look better than a lot of restaurants. Lucky you two have each other... I'd like that kind of connection for sure.
    thank you for reading my little story by the way, and for your terrific comment. That meant a lot to me. So many people read but don't respond and it's the connections between us that mean so much. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. Totally agree with you, the connections is the reason to blog. Some write their posts, but don't bother to read or comments on others. Thanks for the visit. I love the relationship my daughter and I have. Mine with my Mother was nothing like it.

  6. Hi Sandy, Really glad to have come across your blog. I love looking at photos of different places around the world. Your travels look wonderful. Jane xx

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