The Presidio

The Spanish arrived in 1776, post fell to Mexian rule in 1822, became a US Army Base in 1846. Really, The Presidio is sooooooooo much more than a movie. The US Army closed it's base in 1989.

1,491 acres, with many miles of both hiking and biking trails. Of the 870 structures 470 have historic signficance. It's a refuge for endangered species, home to a National Cemetery (in a National Park), and operated by The US Park Service.

Listen.....through the fog you can hear the sounds of the bay, look up and down the meticulously maintained rows of graves and touch history. Enter here with reverence.

Buried here in military straight rows are men and their families from World War I and II, The Spanish American War, The Civil War, The Indian Wars, and Vietnam.

Unusual and interesting stones memoralizing those that rest here under the blanket of the fog.

This was home to many families, barracks and officers homes, some in need of restoration, some restored.

2nd Lt. William Allen one of the Medal of Honor Receipants I spotted while touring this facinating place.

I would have enjoyed spending more time here exploring, but many parts of the base/park were off limits the day we were there. There was construction going on, there was a ceremony taking place as well.

Seems fitting I think, we saw The Spanish Riders as they made their way from the field.

Highly recommend touring and taking ones time here.
Wear a jacket, even on warm days this location is chilly.


  1. You are brilliant! Love this.

    I tweeted you and got to Twitter and then didn't know what to do! I DO LOVE THE CONNECTION TO TWITTER>>>JUST NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN I GET THERE!

  2. Cool place!! Great pics! I love to travel and see new places, just wish I had more time and money to do it though! :)

    Yes, that pic on my blog is taking at "home" on the farm. One of my dad's fields... as a big front was rolling in.

  3. Hi Sandy! Great post & I'm following you on Twitter, too, now. Thanks for the comment on my photo blog, I know you from the FaG forums, I'm "Cherie" there, too, although I haven't been very active there lately!

  4. Great info on the Presidio. Thanks for visiting my blogs. I found no problem with the videos on my blogs on both IE or Firefox and no others have mentioned it so I don't know what the problem was.

    And, my Sutro Heights Park post along with photos is very accurate. I live in San Francisco and know the area very well.


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