Lake Erie, Put in Bay

Brutus Buckeye, you're bound to see him almost anywhere. Here he is spreading Buckeye Love on a boat anchored off at Put in Bay. A fun summer time destination in Ohio at Lake Erie. No doubt Brutus was left to guard the ship, as his mates headed to perhaps The Round Bar or Frosty's. For those who don't know, Brutus is The Ohio State University Mascot. Here's the famous Frosty's. I remember the place when I was a kid and vacationed on the Island with my parents....and that was YYYYYYYYYYYYYears ago. Good pizza, loud music, an awesome wooden bar, and yes fabulously good rootbeer.......however adult beverages are plentiful too.

A pretty sunset coming back on the ferry after a long day having fun on the Island. We often are on the last ferry out. You can rent golf carts, bikes or walk around the Island. Lots of shopping, eatting, drinking for those of any age. For the young ones an historic merry go round. Somewhere....I know I have a picture. One in a book, you know, not digital. I must find and scan it sometime. A great playground in the park, people walking up and down the docks to see all the boats, ships, a yacht club. So much to see and do.

"I have met the enemy and they are ours." Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry is famous for that quote. The battle of Lake Erie during The War of 1812, something every Ohio school child learns about; comes alive with a visit to this beautiful memorial. Once you reach the top of this memorial the view rewards you for the time it took to get there. I can't count the number of times I've been to this memorial; but I enjoy each and every time.

Hard to see in this picture, but look closely. Click to enlarge it. This house is made from a ship. Everyone who visits the Island, stops to photograph this house. Sometimes it's hard to find though with the trees completely filling in and providing camoflauge.

We didn't make it last summer to Put in Bay; so it's definately on the list of things to do next summer.
Get there early if you want a golf card, otherwise they're gone and you'll need to rent bikes.
Leave cool beverages in your car when you park for the ride on the ferry; so you'll have something when you get back.
SunScreen is a must!
Have fun


  1. You're right...chuck's going to love this one! As soon as you get home, I want to go to California too. Bet you could get me there...right?

  2. This brings back memories....Lake Erie, summer and lots of cold beer.


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