Unpack, I'm doing the laundry! Hurry up.

Laundry, a necessary evil of pre and post vacation. Quick, my next load will be darks, got something? I'll throw it in.

Seriously, isn't that the worst part of traveling?

A few general travel tips:
Don't travel when you're sick, I don't want to sit next to you on the plane and hear you cough, clear your troat and blow your noise every 5 minutes. Stay home! I don't want whatever you've got.

Leave your shoes on! I don't want to smell your feet. Whats with this? The last 2 trips I've taken people seem to think it's fine and dandy to take their shoes off, put their smelling feet on the seats....hello, how many people need to sit there?

Has everyone completely forgotten what size carry on's are suppose to be? For every person who brings on too much, or too big of item, the airlines slow down; thus causing delays. No wonder many airlines are now charging people who bring extra stuff on. I've seen backpacks that require 2 strong men to lift them and aren't even close to the carry on size they're suppose to be lately. If they're too wide to go down the isle of the plane, they're not a carry on item.

If you have children and you're flying Southwest, PLEASE make the opportunity to check in and get boarding passes ahead of time. Even if you can't print them from your laptop, you can check in and get your A or even B, so you have the opportunity to sit together. Don't expect half the plane to rearrange after they've settled in, and you can't sit with your kids and your kids friends. It's your responsibility to get things taken care of. You put the flight attendants in a bad spot, and take up lots of extra time when you arrive late and there are no longer seats together. Have more consideration for your children, and the 200 other passengers. Most hotel's have a business center with computers where you can check in and or print your boarding passes. Make use of them.

Dress before you fly, really no one wants to see your pj's. You're really not that cute in them. Should there be a problem on the plane, do you really want to be seen on national TV in your pj's and slippers?

The plane is still boarding and you want to squeeze between people to go to the bathroom? Get serious. Doesn't anyone think? My last couple of trips have been less pleasant then they could have been because people don't take care of business in a logical way BEFORE boarding. Don't sit in the waiting area, or the bar then expect to go to the bathroom on board while everyone is boarding.

Travel involves planning, forethought and consideration of your fellow travelors, you're not the only one involved or the only one with wants and needs.

Ok...last call, I'm throwing in the load of darks.

Traveling next to Alcatraz, so to remember to come on back for a visit.


  1. Sounds like several flights I've been on...it's just not quite as special as it used to be...flying that is.

  2. I hereby appoint you the "Airline Czar"!


  3. I hear ya. I haven't flown since the early 70s myself, but have to note that sometimes it's not by choice people do things - like traveling while sick. I would have been happy to keep my son home until he was totally recovered but the Army insisted he go back, sick or not.

    I have to agree about the shoe thing. And people really get on planes in their pajamas??? This amazes me. I did not know this.

    Bathrooms, hmmm, well I go pretty often so I don't know if I should comment on that. LOL I can walk out the bathroom, turn around and go back in again. But I don't drink or spend time in bars, so ...

    These are all good points to think about though.

  4. I remember a time when you were expected to wear your Sunday best when flying. Guess that just shows how old I actually am!

    By the way...I LOVE your EC Card. It is adorable.

  5. I have a question for you. Do you know of an airline that refunds money or gives you and exchange ticket for staying off the plane when you're sick? It's too expensive to throw away hundreds of dollars these days. Airlines should be more aware of germ concerns. I'd be more than happy to stay home if I could exchange my ticket for free!

  6. If you know ahead and are flying SouthWest you're not charged anything to change your ticket. If you cancel your ticket you have a full year to use it, you don't loose it. I need to check if that's true with other airlines.

    Good Question Jan


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