Wine Country

Napa is not the only wine country destination in California. We were staying in Southern California in Desert Springs and a beautiful hour plus drive away is Temecula. Up over a mountain pass, some fantastic scenery awaits aware though, in some places the road is narrow and no guard rail exists. A fun day, one I recommend.

You buy a pass at the various wineries which entitle you to taste x number of wines. We did a double pass and got 6 sips at 2 different wineries. Hubby and I tried not to get the same 6 sips. At each winery you leave with your sample wine glass. This is the price list, and special glass from LaCereza. Hubby liked the Champagne's here, though I was partial to The Pinot Grigio.

Mountains in the far distance with the vines in the foreground make a peaceful setting. We stopped for lunch at Meritage, which is just to the right of this field. Meritage is nestled in hills on The Calloway Winery. Here, I recommend Sangiovese.

A fun day, a scenic drive! There are no rest rooms, or places to eat in route across the mountain pass so go prepared. We were there on a Sat., on a return visit I would make a point to go through the week to be able to have smaller crowds.

Adult Day, not family oriented.


  1. Did you bring any wine back???

  2. Gotta clean out my glass, happy to join you in a taste or 2 or 3...

  3. I thought I was supposed to get something out of this ... like a case (or seven) of wine!!

  4. yes, your pictures gives me an impression of peaceful scenery.


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