University of Virginia

An very interesting historical landmark. This University though planned by Thomas Jefferson sits on land that had been a farm owned by The 5th President, President Monroe. Monroe Hill is where his farm house was. The University's corner stone is dated 1819, and is designated as the only University in the world as a World Heritage Site.

The grounds are beautiful, the buildings most unique. A must see. Many historic plaques through out bare the names of students who served in every war. University of Virginia was the first to have a School of Engineering. Unlike other Universities, it remained open through out The Civil War, quite a feat considering the state of Virginia had more battles than any other state. General Custer marched into Charlotesville with his men, camped on the University's grounds for 4 days; but through the efforts of the schools faculty left without bloodshed and substantial damage to the University.

As with many historic buildings fire has damaged parts, and much has been rebuilt. The historic row, where the honor students dorms are; are built into the hillside. The design of the buildings, shape of windows etc. are very earth friendly.

To walk the grounds feels almost spirtual; soo many great men preceeded us.

A very impressive statue of Thomas Jefferson

The Greek Letters

The Green, currently the dorm area for only the very top students. Living in these quarters is considered quite an honor.

Very beautiful Rotunda.

History comes alive when you visit. Parking on campus streets can be a bit of challenge. Come prepared to walk.

psssssssss, if you have young children, check out the book on Virginia written by Jan Mader before you travel, or better yet buy it and take it with you.

And check out Williamsburg, in a previous post.


  1. Very cool, of are so talented!

  2. I've been here long ago... beautiful place.

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  4. John (fornix) you didn't leave means of contact in case I would be interested.

  5. Ah, UVA ... very very snazzy and hard to get into for the out of state contingent.

  6. Now you're talking about my neck of the woods! I live about an hour and a half from there! I make deliveries to the hospital there for my charity! Really neat town!

  7. I like to visit colleges and universities when I travel, many have such interesting history.


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