No packing Day of Vacation...come and see

Sunset in my backyard. Thats right, good for the budget you can make a vacation day at home. Fix a nice meal, sit outside take in the smells, sites and feel. It's like being on a balcony. Enjoy the gardens the yard staff has worked hard to make them beautiful for your enjoyment.

I've ordered a vodka and tonic here, nice to sip as I view or walk among the gardens. No TV, no cell phones folks. Sit and'll be surprised how much like vacation it can be. This activity is probably more adult, though you could make it a family vacation. Put out the sprinkler and let the kids run through it. Get finger paints, a pick sheet of paper and let them paint with their bare feet.



  1. I'll join you for a Grey Goose and the beautiful scenery.....Pencil me in for the first warm spring evening...I'll bring the Goose.

  2. I'll be there for dinner, could I order a Martini?

  3. What a beautiful post. Make me want to go out in my yard and sit. We have a nice yard but never use it unless we have a party. You have inspired me. I think we will have dinner on the patio tonight.


  4. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love vacation and Vodka! We already have so much in common... I'll be back!

  6. This puts me in the mood for summer, after this seemingly endless winter. Unfortunately, we won't be sitting on our deck anytime soon here in CT. Warm weather isn't dependable until June. But this post did help dispel the winter chill a bit! Thanks for posting it.

  7. That first flower must be huge. I love to look at flowers. Beautiful photos. I'm not an outdoor person though. Pictures are fine! :-)

  8. Coming in from neo-plains woman's blog. Love the flower pics. We are still knee deep in snow...sigh

  9. Hey Sanday, great questions. Well, my current blog is more or less a daily diary of the next blog I'm developing. I plan on featuring some tourist bits in my blog considering the beauty of Switzerland but I'm more focused on the art culture here.

  10. Lovely pictures, especially enjoyed the sunset.

  11. Your pictures are so beautiful! You should consider going into photography professionally!


  12. Beautiful and inspiring I love your flowers! and my husband and I LOVE to travel I will follow your blog and look for new places to explore
    Thanks for your comments on my blog!


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