Thursday, March 18, 2010

Charlotte, North Carolina

historic Settlers CemeteryCemetery Charlotte North Carolinaalpha listing of historic burials.cdemetery map of burials

We were passing through Charlotte, North Carolina on our way to Hilton Head, South Carolina. We were searching for Sun. We altered our travel arrangements to skirt a storm as best we could; which is how we landed for a night here in Charlotte. Reviewing maps and weather reports over breakfast before heading out Dear Hubby spotted Old Settlers' Cemetery within a few blocks of our hotel. Naturally, we stopped!

Even in a short cold walk through the cemetery you can see how historic it is and wonder about the many stories it holds.

The oldest known burial is that of Joel Baldwin who died at the young age of 26 in October of 1776. Many Revolutionary and Civil War Hero's are buried here. Many of the early pioneers who formed and settled the area are buried here.

The area was first settled by Scots-Irish who belonged to The Church. It is felt the graveyard was first attached to the church. Though time has changed the church affiliation from non-denominational to the current day Presbyterian, which is the church you see in the background.

Servants of the early families are buried in the NorthEastern portion without markers; or at least none of the plain wooden or stone markers from those early days has withstood the test of time and vandalism.

Vandalism has played a hand at this historic graveyard on multiple occasions. Sadly, some of those records are forever gone. Thankfully there have been periods in it's history that caring people have done what they could to restore and preserve it's history. From my research I believe the cemetery has been cleaned up and restored 3 separate times, each time falling again to lack of attention and vandalism. Hopefully now, this park like setting will be maintained and those there properly honored.

One of the more famous burials is Colonel Thomas Polk, who died in 1793 and is the great uncle of President James Polk.

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  1. Great pictures. The snow looks awesome, though it can make traveling harder. I need to go back east and see some of these historical places.

  2. Traveling is not only for fun. You learn more about the history of the place. You don't only enjoy the scenes that you see but you also enjoy the stories you hear.

  3. When you travel, you should not only go for enjoyment but for learning as well. This is why I love "Traveling Suitcase". Sandy just don't take photos and paste it in her blog or just tells us of her experience. She fills it up with useful information that amazes her readers. Her posts are simply pleasurable to read.

  4. That really is a big and beautiful church. And really interesting info about the cemetery. Good job. It is always so sad that cemeteries don't get taken care of. Guess cause there just isn't any money to take care of them.

  5. I had to catch up on a few posts since I'm not doing the EC thing everyday. I'm always amazed at all the places you've visited or passed through and still manage to find interesting historical information to share with your readers. I simply don't understand why people feel the need to vandalize cemeteries. Not long ago a bunch of teens went through and knocked over stones and did many 1,000's worth of damage, hard to believe.

  6. Hilton Head our favorite place!!!!

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  10. What are some good hotels in North Carolina on the coast.Me and my fiance (both 19+) want to go to the beach on the weekend of April 24. Most of all the hotels I have been looking at have said that you need to be 21+ or 25+ Any help here?

  11. That really is a big and beautiful church..Good job


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