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Fire truckNot the best of pictures I know; but I took this photo through the glass window 6 stories up after I climbed all the stairs. I was a bit out of breath, so probably moved, add that to the reflection from the glass and well.........what you see is what you get.

Ok, the important part and the reason for my posting this is. What do you wear when sleeping in a hotel room? Do you have something to cover up with near by? Early morning, we'd not yet had a cup of coffee; though we each had one in hand we were sipping when the extremely loud fire alarm went off. I sleep in a t-shirt; but was cold and had put on a fleece and lounge type pants. I could go outside in what I was wearing. Hubby was similarly clad. He did quickly put his jeans on before we walked down the stairs though. I took time enough to grab my purse and cell phone and away we went. Should have seen the barefoot folks in jammies stumbling around. No one was awake, not really anyway. Though getting all that blood flowing as we walked to the ground floor to exit surely helped.

This isn't the first time we've had to exist a hotel for a fire and or fire alarm. Last time it wasn't daylight; it really was in the middle of the night. Luckily it was warm weather and we all were out in the parking lot for some time while the fire department took care of things. That was many years back, when our daughter was young. Waking up a young one quickly, getting something on not a easy task.

It's important to be organized folks, even when you're suppose to be relaxing and on vacation. Before you go to bed at night, know where your purse-wallet, cell phone, and shoes are. Have a quick put on something at your finger tips. You really never know what might happen, and you want to be able to quickly get yourself and loved ones to safety without fumbling around or going outside without sufficient clothing on. And you really do need to put on shoes, yes even you teenagers (who were the bulk of those we saw stumbling around barefooted). If there really is a fire, you don't want to burn your feet. If there really is a fire you don't want to step on glass that's a reality if firemen have busted through a window or something to get in.

In both situations we were all were safe. The first time there was a fire in a trash can from a cigarette not properly extinguished which caused the smoke detectors to go off. Took them awhile to find it too, as they searched floor to floor. I'm happy now that most hotels are smoke free so this is probably less of a issue. Though I know people do cheat and still smoke in places they aren't suppose to. This last time I believe there was a problem in the kitchen area as they were preparing breakfast.

Remember you can not take the elevator when there's an alarm. You must use the stairway. Do you take a minute to see where the stairs are when you're in a hotel? If you've not done that in the past, PLEASE make it a point to do that here forward in your travels.

fire truckOnce the fire department gives the all clear you can return to your rooms, but we still had to use the stairs so we got some extra exercise that day. Think how crowded the elevator is going to be when the all clear is given. If you have the ability to walk, please do and leave the elevator for those less physically capable. It takes some time to transport everyone back in large hotels.

So my travel alert and tip for you all:
  1. Be organized, have shoes and essentials at finger tips
  2. Know where the stairs are

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  1. Excellent advice Sandy! We don't often think of things like that while on vacation but as you said, it's important that we do. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. So the lesson is must wear basic cloth when sleeping at where ever you are..minimum is pant and t-shirt...

  3. Great tip. I've never had the fire alarm go off in a hotel where I was staying before, but that doesn't mean it won't. I'll try to remember your tips before going to sleep next time.

    Thanks for advertising on my blog today. Cheers and happy travels.

  4. Good advice! I've never had this happen so now it probably will!!!! I'm still going to knock on wood!!

  5. I have been visiting this blog since some time, I can say that Ever I found a quality post here in your blog. Thanks for sharing the snaps with us.

  6. Very informative and useful!

    I learned something from this post. Thanks for your traveling alert tips!

    Doesn't mean you are on a vacation that you can just be too relax. Good lesson!

  7. Great travel alerts Sandy. We try never to stay in hotels where we have to venture inside, but it happens occasionally. I prefer the cheaper motels where we can walk up to the room on the outside and are only 2 stories like Motel 6. Have a good week Sandy.

  8. I'll admit I barely glance at the fire escape route. I guess I should pay more attention now that it's not just me I have to get out. I sleep in lounge clothes so I would just need to retrieve my bra. Shoe's is a good tip, especially for the little ones who kick them off anywhere and we're always searching for one.

    Good advice.

  9. I have been twice in such situations. Luckily most hotels provide the dressing-gown and some nice warm slippers. So if it's not a serious -25 outside like here in Estonia then it's not much of a problem.

  10. Have you converted this blog to no follow? The comment links are no more dofollow!

  11. Yes Christa I converted this blog way back to a do follow. Your tool bar is incorrect. I manually deleted the no follow code in the html. I've had multiple check this blog and have confirmed it is indeed a dofollow.


  12. I could go outside in what I was wearing. Hubby was similarly clad. o

  13. Excellent information. Thanks a lot. I'll surely keep things in mind.

  14. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  15. It used to have a feature where you m where you are traveling to and the you alerts and hold a ticket for urs. Where can I find this?

  16. Elva I'm not aware of that, and will have to look around and see what I can find for you. I know hubby has alerts in his email from Southwest for bargains; but off the top of the my head, thats all I know.

  17. Thanks for your travelling tips, i am not really much of a traveller but i am taking my first trip out of my country this year and i am so excited


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