Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pack Kitchen Essentials in your Travels

traveling box of spicesWhen you travel one way to save money is to do some cooking yourself. We typically have a kitchen or kitchenette and therefore don't have the need to eat every meal out. We pack small containers of spices that we use in most of favorite dishes. We've even found small containers of salad dressing. You don't want to spend all your time at the grocery store; nor do you want to throw away half used items that are left at the end of your weeks vacation. That's wasteful and costly. Plan ahead. This small container holds tea bags, a coffee bag or two, spices, powdered creamer and sugar, salt and pepper. You might notice a hotel package there on the right side in the picture. I rarely use all that is supplied in a hotel room, so do keep the extra packages. They're light weight and easy to pack that way.

We almost always grill out a night or two, most of the resorts we've stayed in have a grill area. That's a great way to stretch your budget, eat well, and not be restricted if you don't have a full kitchen. So the spices we pack always come in handy for that. Mrs. Dash can be used for so many things it's a good multi-purpose spice that always travels with us.

Breakfast is generally not more then coffee, a breakfast roll, fruit or bowl of cereal. My small packages of creamer are used for breakfast.

Lunch is lite consisting of apples, crackers, cheese and maybe some lunch meat. Small amounts of each we've found are easily obtainable, take little room even if in a small kitchenette, filling and well used up when the week is over.

If you have a full kitchen you may purchase more and have more left at the end of your week. Before you pitch it ask the desk if they keep items on hand. We've found many Marriott facilities keep a food bank box in or near the lobby where unopened items can be put and donated.

This small box of goodies and are packable plastic stemware have served us well in our travels. We take them even when flying.

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  1. This is a great suggestion. I will be traveling to D.C. in two weeks and plan to take most of our food with us to prevent expensive meals.

    Thanks for the tips.

  2. Another great tip! We try to do this but I still picked up several good ideas so thanks!

  3. I love to have breakfast items ready so we don't have to get dressed so quickly and I don't get a headache. My tummy is always hungry!

  4. There are some nice pointers !

    I'm personally to lazy to think on such things when i attend to travel. I keep this on mind and i might actually give it a go in the future.

    Thanks a lot for this,


  5. This is good as long as you are driving to your destinations. It may be a different situation if you have to fly.

  6. Great tips Sandy and especially for families. For us eating out is our vacation and we have a ball not worrying about clean-up, but I do appreciate a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but Bill usually goes down and brings that back up. I can't wait till we can get away again.

  7. Thanks for that great info. That is a good idea to take stuff with you and save some money. I am all for saving money, that is for sure. It is so expensive to travel. Have a great day.

  8. What a wonderful idea Sandy,.
    I never thought to take more than some coffee tea bags. I drink mine black. But the other items sure would be helpful. Though it has been years since I have been on any vacation.


  9. Actually Rick we take these when we fly, as we fly more then we drive. The box is lightweight, as is everything we take. We pack carefully and never have trouble with space or weight.


  10. I think instead of packing kitchen tools for traveling its better to purchase it later.

  11. Great suggestions for saving money Sandy. We do the same when driving to our destinations. We like to cook out, as well. Even when flying, I have found if you're going to stay several days, with a little planning and a trip to the local grocery store, you can have some nice home cooked meals.

  12. Hello
    Thanks very much for all this very important information, I wish more success to this very interesting blog

  13. It is a very good idea. I'm going to have to remember to pack some little things when we go to the Bahamas...I know our meals will fine but having a few things of our own would be really good too!

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