Special Traveling PUG

This is what I call traveling in style! Look at this PUG. It's perhaps not uncommon to take your dog for a walk, or for a ride in the car; but this is luxury travel for sure.

Spotted this scene while lunching with my SIL, and had to share with you all. Then it occured to me like a flash. Often my travel post say this is fun for the kids, this is best enjoyed with adults only, pets can go here. This special Traveling Pug is announcing a series that everyone can enjoy. Everyone including young couples, singles, older couples, kids, adults, and your furry friends.

Soon the kids will be out of school, people will be planning vacations. Kids will need things to do. The Pug pictured here is making an official announcement.

Sandy's Summer Series of FRIDAY FUN with FLAT STANLEY

Every Friday, starting tomorrow, April 23rd Flat Stanley will take you on a special summer adventure. These are adventures you might be able to ride a bike to, walk with a stroller to, things that take a few minutes. It's geared towards realizing and learning about things in our backyards, things in our neighborhoods. And it's educational. PLEASE join in, come and share. Flat Stanley loves to have fun, he loves to travel and he loves people to learn things the fun way, The Stanley Way.

The best part of all this is it's FREE, it's G rated and it includes everyone from your furry four legged friends, to seniors.

See you tomorrow, don't forget!
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  1. I'm looking forward to visiting with Flat Stanley! That pug is adorable.

  2. What a cute traveling pug! Too bad they don't make one of those Sadie sized!

    The Flat Stanley adventures sounds like fun!

  3. So now you don't have to take your puppy and baby for walk separately.BTW the puppy look cute!

  4. That is exactly the way I would like to travel.
    Not only that, but that little puggy looks just like me.
    You sure snapped a nice photo
    Thank you for sharing


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