Traveling Books and Parks, with Flat Stanley

Flat StanleyHello My Name is Flat Stanley, and I'm really excited to see you. This is our first adventure in Sandy's Summer Series of Friday Fun with Flat in other words. I'm dancing with joy as you can see, my arms stretched wide to show you how much fun we're going to have, how many places we're going to go, and how much we're gonna learn.
Historic Miller Park SignI need a step stool, I'm not tall enough. Will you please remember to pack one on our next trip? This is me outside a library. Now what's not fun about a library? Books on any topic, fun, serious and everything in-between. Did you know most libraries have summer reading programs? AND, did you know you can win cool free things? PLEASE make sure you get signed up, read alot and win neat things. Leave comments, or have Mom leave comments so I know what you read, and what prizes you won. Ask too about story time, you sit on the floor and someone reads a cool story to you.

But wait, there's more. Behind me is a fun park. Let's run and play and jump. Bring along the family pet. How many times do you go normal places like the park or the library and see a sign? Do you stop and read it? If not, why not? Here's my challenge to you. Stop, read and let's learn together.
historic sign Upper ArlingtonNow here's a close up of the sign I couldn't reach. On this very spot (currently The Miller Park Library in Upper Arlington, Ohio), is this historic sign (historic...that means old). It talks about how this little community of Upper Arlington was born, sorta. It was planned which is unusual for towns and cities. Most just sorta grow around something. This was planned, streets designed to be curved with lots of green space and trees. It was molded after a place in Kansas. Mom, get a map and show the kids were Kansas is. They wanted to call the community The Country Club District. Doesn't that sound snooty? Miller Park and Library is named after James Miller who was a farmer and had lots of land here.

The sign talks about a Garden Community too. That means a residential area, and to this day there isn't much in the way of business in Upper Arlington. This area was right next to a community called Arlington (present day Marble Cliff), and since this area was north of Arlington it got the name of Upper Arlington. Whew, that's better than Country Club District.

This almost romantic sounded community has some not so nice history. When 2 brothers, named King and Ben Thompson bought some land from Mr. Miller way back in 1913, they had clauses that land couldn't be purchased by Blacks or Jews. It was to be a White Christian Community. Thankfully those clauses have been deemed illegal; but it's important to know history...even if it's not pleasant. Everyone needs to learn from mistakes.

In 1921 this same spot was a Trolley Line. (picture from Wikipedia)
1921 Trolley LineSo, it's pretty cool that right where this sign is--there's a story to be told. It was a land office for the farmer Mr. Miller when the two brothers Ben and King Thompson started planning their community, then it was a trolley stop, then it was a library-- the little building behind the car is where the library is. This little community didn't even become a city until 1941!

Kids of all ages can learn from everyday experiences. Think about where you walk, ride your bike, or drive on a regular basis. What's there to see, to explore? I'm betting it's easy to whiz by and miss the details.

This type of summer outdoor activity is suited to everyone, including the family pet. After all everyone likes to go for a walk, or spend time in the park.

Take a regular activity and make it a fun learning activity. If there's a sign, stop and read it. Then take time to learn about it. If children are too young to get involved that way, what do you see on the way? Count how many different flowers there are; then look them up at the library to identify them. Take the numbers represented in the dates add and subtract them. Equate it to something that has meaning. For instants I was born in 1950 so the community is only 9 years older then me. Doing things like this helps put things into perspective and make them more memorable. Take the opportunity to discuss how it isn't fair or nice to exclude certain people because of their skin color or their religion. Use this type of exercise to get out maps, point out where you are and find where you're going. How many miles is it? Again there's a math componet. Draw a picture about what you learned, depending on age write about it. Writing exercises can be fun, and they too can be taylor made to be age appropriate. Summer is a time for fun; but it doesn't mean learning has to stop.

Look for something near you, tell me all about it. That's all for today, but please come back next Friday April 30th, for another adventure.
Flat Stanley out.
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  1. Nice to meet you Flat Stanley! This is a great post and very educational! It is important to learn our history, even if some of it isn't so pleasant. We enjoyed learning more about your area and that it's modeled after a place in Kansas which is where our mommy and daddy are from.

  2. Hi Flat Stanley! Thank you for the quick tour and history trivia. I agree, we (not just the kids) should try and learn more about the places that we visit. Let us not limit ourselves to what is already available, discover a few facts by visiting a library, talking to some old folks there or go and research more about the place in Google.

    So where is your next stop?

  3. Wow! Flat Stanley is going to have some quite adventurous adventures this summer. I believe this is just the tip of the ice burg, so to speak. I will look forward to his next outing. By the way, I like County Club Community. Reminds me of my favorite outdoor sport. You know which one I mean. Thanks!

    Friends 4 Life!

  4. It looks like this is going to be fun traveling with Flat Stanley. Looks like you are going to be a great guide. Thanks for all that great information about the library and everything else. Good stuff.
    Have a great week end.

  5. Sorry to hear rain might spoil your day outing. It's been raining cats and dogs here since early a.m. Suppose to hang around through tomorrow sometime. I will be looking for your next post and pictures. Have a great day!

    Friends 4 Life!

  6. I'm loving your Summer Series. :D
    Flat Stanley is a good storyteller. I'm well entertained. ^_^

    Looking forward for more adventure every Friday. Kudos!

  7. I'm with you Flat Stanley! Take me with you on your travels! Isn't it interesting what we have in our own backyards?!

  8. I'm taking Flat Stanley and putting him up at More Fun... Where is the dedicated page going to be? I think I missed something.

    What a great way to travel and learn. Can't wait to read more of your adventures. Sandy goes to some pretty cool places and you are lucky to be going along for the ride.

  9. Got it and fixed the linkage. Thanks!

  10. Flat Stanley has cousins all over as he has one in Texas! He just got back from traveling and is now telling his fellow students about it.

    Have a great summer.

  11. I would like to appreciate you for sharing this post to me.


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