Traveling Safely in your Car

Travel season is upon use, many families will be hitting the roads for vacation when the kids get out of school for the summer. We sometimes take travel too lightly, we forget the dangers involved. Be safe, travel safe and you'll have more fun when you arrive at your destination. Practice car safety, you life may depend on it.

But before you go review this list, make sure you and your car are ready for a safe journey.
  • Have you checked your tire pressure?
  • Do you a full tank of gas?
  • Have you filled up the window washer fluid? Sometimes its' a good idea to have extra in the trunk
  • Do you a window scrapper (depending on when and where you're going, like the mountains even in summer you may need it)
  • Do you have a flash light for emergencies?
  • Do you have a cell phone charger that works in your car?
  • Does someone have your license plate number and the route you plan to travel?
  • Do take frequent breaks to stretch your legs and give your eyes a rest, change drivers if you're not alone.
  • Do you have a map along with written directions/GPS in case you run into road blocks, construction or changes that sometimes happen?
  • If you're alone, don't travel late at night.
  • Take your purse and cell phone with you when you stop to go to the bathroom, you may need them should an emergency arise.
  • Lock the car at all times, when you're in it and when you're not.
  • Do you have an extra car key in your pocket/purse? Or does the person you're with have an extra key?
  • Don't run on fumes because you don't want to stop for gas, fill up when you still have at least 1/4 of a tank. You never know when you may get in bad traffic, or exists are closed or you run into construction. Any number of things can happen. The gas may not be readily available in certain areas.
  • Many states have laws prohibiting the use of cells phones while driving without it being hands free. I love my blue -tooth for travel. You're connected if you have to make a fast emergency call, but you don't have to take your eyes off the road to make it happen. With that being said, limit your calls to necessary calls. I know I've been behind people for miles and miles who are chatting totally unaware they're changing speeds, crossing the line, and in general paying more attention to the call then the importance of driving.
  • Buckle up ALL THE TIME!
  • Don't drive barefooted. How many of you have seen someone with a foot out the window? I have, even the driver on a few occasions. That's not safe, it's just plain stupid.
  • Don't have music on so loud you can hear a siren or emergency vehicle
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Look where you are, notice who's around you. Don't walk to the restroom with your head down texting or changing your music with your earphones in. People unaware are an easy mark.
  • Don't leave valuables visible in the car, like your mp3 player, your video games, your cell phone, your purse, your GPS, your IPod, or laptop. Those are call out to would be thieves who are watching and waiting for their opportunity.
Now enjoy yourself, and happy traveling.

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  1. I'll be traveling with people from work next month... keep these in mind! {:-D

  2. Very good advice and great reminders!

  3. Great tips from a constant traveler like you, Sandy, I will remember them all.

    BTW, I have already posted at my blog about the winning I had in your contest more than a month ago. I am sorry it took this long for publication. Been very busy at work and my blogoversary.

    Here's the link:

  4. Good list Sandy and never hurts to read these reminders. Bill and I are very careful when traveling and hopefully we will be doing some in the near future. Take care.

  5. Happy traveling... we start ours next week. Congrats you are the Winner of our Name our Vacation Giveaway. Place e-mail me your info so I can send your prize. thanks for playing my first giveaway.

  6. Glad to hear many of you will be hitting the roads traveling soon, and glad to know you'll be thinking of safety.

    Lainy, I'll pop over and see your post. Did you get your package yet? Bummed it's taking so long getting to you. I've not mailed internationally before, wonder if there's something I could have done to make it sooner? Post office helped me fill out the paper work etc.

    Auntie E, am excited and will email you. Your trip sounds like great fun, look forward to blog posts and pictures from you regarding it.


  7. Good advice! Found u through entrecard. Clair at

  8. Your tip about the extra key was right on! I've locked myself out of my acar a few more times than I'd like to admit


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