Old Timey Award on Tuesday

blog award

A big thank you goes out to, Leigh who has graciously given me and my blog this award!

The rules for this award are as follows:

1. thank and link back to the person that gave you the award. (check)

2. share 7 things about yourself. (need more coffee to wake up first) AND check

3. pass the award to 7 fellow bloggers that inspire you. (giving this thought as I begin my blog walk)...stay tuned. (working on it, got interrupted...more later

4. let them know about the award.

  1. I wish there were a few dozen less barking, howling, yipping dogs in my neighborhood and or that their owners muzzled them. Sooooooo tired of them waking me up

  2. I wish I could figure out how to multi-task so I could knit/crochet while doing other things. I do currently knit/crochet while I read blogs; put it down to type when I've got something small enough to keep on my lap without getting tangled in the keyboard etc.

  3. I'm all jazzed about making plarn, after reading about it yesterday on line. (for my non yarny type blog buddies, plarn is making yarn or a substance to knit or crochet with using plastic bags).

  4. I've recently joined The Hive (button and link in side bar) to find more helpers for the homeless for Bridge and Beyond, which is a facebook type forum for creative crafters. Crafters of all types, not just those related to yarn/fiber.

  5. I'm nervous about my next trip, which will be to Mexico. My first trip out of the country (excluding Canada). Seeing things on the news has me on edge.

  6. I wish people with means would help those without.

  7. I wish I were more techy, love to learn how to do new things here on the computer.

Numbering is all screwy, some see numbers as they're suppose to using the number thing in tool bar, some don't, tried to delete them and do manual, it won't let me do that. So, because I thought it hard to read, added space between. This edit added day later, as I attempt to correct and finish this post. Sorry for the weirdness here folks. Typing in red done today 8-11

***coffee in hand, here we go**Can someone tell me whether or not you're seeing the numbers 1-7 with my list of 7 things about me? I see them here in edit mode while typing; but not when I look at the blog. Likewise I don't see numbers on the linky thing in my previous post. Do you, please take a look and let me know. If you're not seeing them, any ideas why? And, if you are, why don't I? I use Moz FF, but have also check using a 2nd browser Internet Explorer. Doesn't seem to matter. I do see number 1-4 in the directions/rules portion of this post which was a cut and paste from Leigh's blog.

****Flat Stanley wonders why people didn't visit his friend Captain Pinney.

clicking on the numbers and or bullets doesn't seem to work, so numbering by hand, let me know if these are showing up.
1. Marg's Pets
2. Modern Historian
3. Chicago History Journal
4. JuneZach on Fledgling Blogger
5. Brenda, lots of giveaways to get in on
6. Virtual Dime Museum

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  1. I see the numbers and don't have a solution as to why I do and you don't. Enjoy Mexico. Think I'd be a little nervous also.

  2. I don't see the numbers either.

    Making things out of plastic bags sounds neat, I've seen it before, but didn't know that they actually have a name for it.

    You'll enjoy Mexico, even if it makes you nervous - just don't drink the water! ;)

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for dropping by my page!
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  4. Very strange. I'm on hubby's computer now to see, no numbers appear here. I don't see them on 2 computers, Leigh doesn't see them, but Joansie does?? Oh, I really do wish I was more techy and understood things.

  5. cant wait for your mexico updates

  6. I see 1-4 and think 5-7 are just trying to mess with our heads.

  7. Isn't it crazy, some can see numbers, some can't. Throws hands in air. Makes it harder to read though without the numbers.

  8. Thanks so much for giving us the award. That is so great. And Congrats to you for getting the award. Good luck on your trip to Mexico. That should be fun and just think about all the great pictures to be had.

  9. Congratulations on your award and to the recipients you have passed them to! :D

    Well, I couldn't see any numbers. Weird? :)

  10. Sandy - Thank you so much for the award, but I actually do not participate in blog awards anymore...but I do appreciate the thought :)

  11. Thanks! I finally see the numbers and my blog is right in there. Thanks again for getting some inspiration from our travels!


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