Potty Stops when you Travel

airport bathroom
Brill airport commodePotty stops when you travel are a huge consideration. You might be traveling solo, or with family, or with pets. You might be traveling for fun, you might be traveling for business. It doesn't matter; you still need a potty stop. When and where can alter your time table, so as silly as it sounds; think about your potty stops.

Here's some basic potty stop rules:
  1. You're not in your personal bathroom at home, wherever you are you are NOT alone. So, be quick, do your business, wash your hands and move on. Don't sit and chat on your cell phone, don't pull out a magazine or book.

  2. Don't pass up a bathroom because you don't have to go right then. Use it when it exists, you may not have one at hand when you need it.

  3. If you're traveling with children and or pets, don't ask them if they have to go. A potty stop means everyone goes potty, so you don't have to stop multiple times. (particularly important when in a car and the next rest stop isn't for 100 miles, or when you've just boarded an airplane and people are trying to get settled and someone who passed by the opportunity earlier now wants to go potty.

  4. If traveling by car do you space your potty stops to coincide with eating breaks or getting gas? If you do, that's far more time efficient then stopping separately for everything.

  5. When you go potty, ladies take your purses for security reasons. Men make sure you have your cell phone on you.
**note the numbers aren't working still, err, added spaces folks, sorry for the lousy format business
The potty featured here was one I spotted at the airport in Omaha where I did a quick stop, go potty, and change planes. First time I'd seen such a clean public potty and wanted to share with you all. My daughter tells me she's seen these design in a couple of airports. You wave your hand and the plastic bag covering moves, giving you a clean surface. How cool is that! Some facilities have those paper covers; which are typically empty and very annoying.

The most important potty stop rule (more for ladies then men), when you walk into the stall look to see if the toilet paper is empty BEFORE you get undone and sit/squat. Sometimes you have other stall choices, sometimes not. Check to see if there's paper towels. Sadly though, one can sometimes substitute paper towels, if the facility is out of toilet paper, it's also probably out of paper towels and or uses one of those air hand dryers. ALWAYS, carry tissues with you in your purse.

And remember to use a paper towel to open the door on your way, if you can. Any idea how many hundreds and thousands of people use these public facilities? More then we care to know, probably. Don't let your kids walk around in them barefoot.

Happy Traveling, Be safe, Be Healthy, Be Smart and think about your potty stops.
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  1. Great tips! I'm told they have those pottys in casinos in CT.

  2. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it, almost always have my trusting little camera in my purse and had to get the picture.
    I see my numbers aren't showing up again today. Though I see them in draft form, and again on preview???

  3. nice info..
    woman have many problem to going to bath just for doing "the number one", it help.

  4. All very good tips! I've never seen a plastic covered toilet like that - very interesting!

  5. I use all of those tips. Sometime I forget to check for TP but I always carry tissue with me. I've never seen a toilet like that. What a great invention. Thanks for always writing great traveling post!


  6. saw one of those in an airport. See here's something you may not be familiar with: A child that had a phobia type of fear of toilets. She was potty and would use any potty IF the metal bar wasn't too tall, if it wasn't dirty and dear god PLEASE no automatic anything. If it auto flushed she'd run for her life. She was around 6 when we saw a toilet like this. She saw that thing rotate and put fresh paper on it and I thought she was going to pass out from fear. I'm serious. lol She's gotten over that fear now. She's 10....going on 11 and thankfully has no problems going potty except perhaps the port a pottys....for obvious reasons.

  7. I meant she was potty "trained" sorry.

  8. Brilliant! Such a comprehensive post! I always learn a lot from the Traveling Suitcase. :D

    Haven't seen a potty like that in the photo. So clean and cool!

    Hey Sandy! I am surprised to be a recipient of the award. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Will surely create a post about it the soonest. Take care! :D

  9. thanks for sharing...this activity is the most i hate as i always found dirty toilet..

  10. Reminds me of an experience I had in an airport abroad. We were already in the pre-departure area and there was only this single CR inside the PDA. I've waited for such a LOOOONNNGGGG time outside the cubicle's door. When this woman came out, she obviously was reading the newspaper AND a magazine she brought along. And I badly needed to pee that time. Grrrr!!!

  11. Believe I would have been knocking on the door, and certainly have said something when she came out. That's just plain obnoxious.



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