St. Louis, Missouri

Cafe Ventana St. Louis
The beginning of day 1 of "Girls Time" in St. Louis. My daughter picked me up at the airport we headed to Cafe'Ventana for brunch. A fabulous New Orleans style cafe with beignets (pronounced ben-YAY), Paninis, Souffles's and live jazz on the weekend. I had an early morning flight so was starved. First let me say St. Louis is one of my favorite cities, so much to see and do; and The FOOD!
outside Cafe Ventana
It's located on West Pine Blvd in a residential area. I think you see the apartments next door. It's quaint inside and out.

souffleFresh fruit attractively served and my fabulous Souffle's and Herbal Tea. It was excellent!

St. Louis University GateLooking the opposite direction on Pine you can see the entrance to St. Louis University. Look at the wonderful architecture. We ran a few errands, and checked in our hotel. They were good enough to let us check in early.

Insalata CapreseLunch was G-R-E-A-T, just like Tony The Tiger would say. We each enjoyed a glass of wine, shared this Insalata Caprese salad and a gourmet pizza that I forgot to photograph. It was yummy. The Good Pie is definitely on my must return list. If you go in the evening, I would suggest calling for reservations. When we passed it later it was packed! The Good Pie is not your average pizza joint. It's located 3137 Olive.

Next up for us ladies, painting pottery! I've never painted pottery before; though my daughter is quite good at it. This was my piece before it was fired. I attempted to do some designs with stencils and decided it look like 3rd grade work; so I painted over it. Far too big a project to do for the first time. Now she tells me! We were there for hours! I've not seen how bad it looked after firing, as I've not been back to St. Louis. She has it. I'm told, it should be brighter and shinnier after the firing process. Believe I'll stick to my yarn and knit and crochet, I'm far better at it. (check out some of my work HERE
The inside of my daughters piece. These bowls will be used for salsa and chips. We painted pottery at The Painted Zebra in Kirkwood; though neither my daughter nor I would recommend this shop. Brushes are terrible (my daughter had the only good one, at least that's part of the excuse I used for my mediocre work), tables aren't clean and the pieces being picked up after firing are handled very casually. People walk in, pick them up saying there there's without matching any receipts up. We were both floored! Price to paint is reasonable, variety of items to paint is large, no puff paints are available, stencils aren't in any order. The shop seems very hap hazard. My daughter assured me this was not like other shops she had painted in before.
Wrapping up she adds her name to the bottom. Look at that detail she painted all around the outside rim of the bowl! I need to have her send pictures of our bowls to see what they look liked when she picked them up.

We had dinner outside at a local Italian eatery we've frequented many times LaGra. It's a Tapas style Italian with jazz on the weekends. Menu is variety and very reasonably priced. It was dark and we were seated on the patio; so sorry folks no pictures this time round. But I will no doubt be back there. It's located in Dogtown.

A full and long day we headed back to the hotel and crashed. Day two was more relaxed. Breakfast at the hotel (it's free and good), followed by a massage at Massage Envy in Brentwood. The massage was wonderful, and I highly recommend this particularly location. Friendly and helpful staff. We had a lite snack and relaxed a bit at the hotel before our FABULOUS FABULOUS dinner at Lorusso's, my favorite place to eat in St. Louis. It's in The Hill and never disappoints. We enjoyed the piano music as we have many previous times. Jim Becker a darling senior can play anything. The food, service and ambiance is unbeatable. (too dark for pictures, must see what I can do about that next trip).

I love St. Louis and I really love my special girl time with my daughter.

**Details of One Lovely Blog Award Here, will be adding a few more; so stay tuned.

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous trip, makes me want to visit St. Louis!

  2. The food looks delicious! I have pained pottery before and it really looks much better after it is fired. I am artistically challenged and even mine look good when they are done.


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