Indianapolis, Indiana

1865 MonumentAs you travel around downtown Indianapolis you'll want to park your car and walk. There's much to see. Hubby recently had business in town so I joined him for an evening. The center of downtown has this large very imposing monument to those lost in The Civil War. It is dated 1865. Streets go out almost like spokes of a wheel from here. Making the monument very accessible and visible from many different locations through the downtown area. This was a drive by shot, as we were short on time. Though we have walked this on other trips, and I highly recommend it.
Dome and StadiumThe evening I got to down we took a little walk around the area after his meetings were over. Was dusk, thus the pictures are a bit dark. Indy has done a nice job blended old and new; business and residential.
Canal WalkThis too was within walking distance of our hotel. In fact just a block away if that. This is The Canal Walk at dusk. Small children are enjoying running through the sprinklers on the left as the grass is being watered. The walk way is used by bikers and walkers alike. People of all ages seem to be enjoying the pretty landscaped area. The Canal Walk runs along part of The Old Central Canal which was funded by the city back in 1830. It's intent was to connect The Wabash and Erie Canals for increased trade; though it was never a success and had financial problems. Historically throughout the country the canal days were short lived, quickly replaced by more efficient rail transportation.
Condo's along canal walkApartments, Condo's, businesses, and restaurants line the sides of the canal. Paddle-boats can be rented as you enjoy the day eating and shopping your way up and down the canal. This area is most unique in downtown Indy in that it's White River State Park. It's not common place to have a state park in a thriving downtown city; but this is certain a plus. Large pretty open areas, sculptures, flowers, and an amphitheater. Truly something for everyone.
Greek Orthodox historic signThis historic marker gives some insight into the history of a church that once stood at this location. Directly across the street from this historic sign is a wonderful park for children to play in, pets to run in, families to picnic in and enjoy themselves under shade trees. While just a short distance away is the beautiful modern skyline of prosperous Indianapolis.
Nestle InnAnd a short distance away a residential neighborhood with many historic restored homes. This is A B & B, The Nestle Inn. I spent a weekend here a few years back with some good friends. It's fabulous, I highly recommend it.
BikesAcross the street from our hotel was a neighborhood pub that was hoping on a Friday night with dining in, dining up and out, as well as dining on the sidewalk area. We managed to get up and out, thankfully as inside is very smoky. Indy has not yet joined much of The US in banning smoking indoors. The weekend we were there, Indy was hosting a large motorcycle race at The Brickyard. No doubt these bikers came to enjoy it. We saw tons of bikers and interesting bikes.
Jagermeister motor cycleThis though was probably the most unique of those we saw. lol
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  1. Wow, some really great architecture there!

  2. From the pictures you've shared, I could really tell it is a great place! :D

    Architectural designs are superb! :)

  3. Our son and daughter in-law's wedding reception was just off the circle so they had one of their wedding portraits taken in front of the monument. It is an awesome picture.

    I wish Indiana would get on the stick with the no smoking thing.

  4. I am so impressed after seeing all those photographs of Indianapolis.I like those motorcycles very much.It is interesting to read its information.


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