Traveling Buckeye Style

We're getting ready for another OSU game day. My cousin Flat Joe is selecting his "Buckeye" items so he can look cool like me. After all, I'm his older wiser cousin, Flat Stanley. As you can see, I'm appropriately dressed and sporting the colors. So, did you know OSU means Ohio State University. And the colors are Scarlet and Gray with black and white as extra. And in case you didn't know, (and my visiting Cousin, Flat Joe didn't) The Ohio State Universitys nick name is The Buckeyes.

See the Buckeyes on the earrings, necklace and bracelets? Do you know what a Buckeye is?

Let me back up just a bit. President Lincoln signed The Land Grant Act on July 2, 1862. That made possible higher education for the masses. The Ohio General Assembly established The Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College though there was a dispute about how broad or narrow it's curriculum should be. Luckily Joseph Sullivan pushed the idea of a broad spectrum to the board of trustees for a liberal arts type education. Soon thereafter the school's name was changed to Ohio State University.

Aesculus glabra, Buckeye Tree is native to the State of Ohio, particularly along The Ohio River. It's a very hardy tree, one hard to kill that produces a shinny nut with a spot that resembles the eye of a Buck/Deer. Apparently in early history the tree's wood was used to fashion many items the pioneers needed, and became popular. Ohioans then became known as Buckeye's. Later the school's athletic teams officially adopted it as their nickname, and mascot.

A favorite candy of peanut butter and chocolate is made that looks like a buckeye and can be found in almost any store in the area, as well as made my hand at home.

Keeping a Buckeye in your pocket is thought to be good luck, thus wearing the Buckeye Necklaces should give the teams good luck and cause many wins.

So Buckeye's are Trees, Ohioans, Sports teams, and candy!

Flat Stanley and Flat Joe out, we have to go get ready for tailgating.
And it's Follow Friday, get in the act.
You can read more about Flat Joe Here

Can someone PLEASE tell me why this linky shows numbers on everyone else's blog, but not mine? I've looked at this using 2 different browsers, Moz FF and Int. Explorer, and on hubby's computer (last week), and no numbers????

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  1. Thanks for finding my blog today, I dropped by to say "hello" and to follow you :)

    Have a lovely Friday and Weekend


  2. Lovely earrings and necklaces. Thanks for dropping by at my site I do appreciate it!

  3. Hi Sandy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you!

    I went through the links and did delete some of the one's that only linked up their giveaways and self promotions. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

    I have no idea why the numbers aren't showing up in your post. It has something to do with your blog layout and what you post on it. If you change the layout to something else, you may find that it works better for you!

    Good luck and hope you will join us for the Meet Me on Monday blog hop!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Sandy, I just read your comment on my blog and thanks for following me. Now they do send you a notice that someone has started to follow you. They didn't used to do that. You should get notices when someone joins up with you.
    Have a great week.

  5. We do not have buck eye trees in Oregon, but we have bucks and doe.
    I like your necklaces too

  6. I like your earrings,necklace and bracelet.They are cute as well as nice to wear.I like that you have explained here about Buckeye which I did not know before.


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