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Not a typical day at The Beach, Manzanillo Mexico

Once again the order I wanted on the blog seems to be an issue. Apologies that they aren't in the nicest order. Two friends here, one still wearing a party hat. Not a typical day at the beach. Not for me anyway. A normal day at the beach might be a packed lunch/packed cooler and a couple of beach towels and or beach chairs. This is doing it up in style folks. One might ask who's crocked here, those in the photo's (see drinks in hands), or the photographer. lol
Our table area in the shade of a Palapa, table cloth, and real dishes in the foreground with the bar area further back. The staff prepares the area then transported us there for a wonderful day at the beach with fabulous food and drink.
Real silverware, cloth napkins; so much nicer than paper and plastic. And when you see the food they prepared for us....truly the real stuff is needed.
Villa Paraiso has access to this private beach. The day we were there, we were the only ones. The town of Manzanillo is off …

Villa Paraiso, Manzanillo, Mexico

Welcome to Mexico. Sorry these pictures are out of order. I've loaded them twice, seem to be having some tech issues. Ernie and I here, relaxing after lunch on Day 1. Look at the food, tons of wonderful food. Yes, we are in our bathing suits. We lived in them for a week. Note to self, pack more suits and fewer clothes in the future. One can get very relaxed after several good margarita's.
A close up of some of the food for our typical lunch. Chips, Margarita's, Tortilla's and more not shown in this photo. No one left hungry.
Meet Joel, our bar tender. Actually Joel did many things there at the house, Villa Paraiso I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up. Day 1 began early, before daylight early -arriving at the airport. After making it to Houston we flew into ZLO (Manzanillo). The airport is about 35 miles north of the city of Manzanillo on highway 200. We were met by our guide/driver Antonio. He transported 7 of us to the Villa, where we met th…

Kicking off our travels to Mexico

Kicking off our recent trip to Mexico this OSU Guy at the airport. Several in our group were having a Bloody Mary here in the bar prior to departure for a week in Mexico. This was an away Sat Game Day, when Ohio State played Minnesota in Minnesota. I assume this guy was traveling to the game. I asked if I could a picture and he was gracious enough to wait while I did so.

Follow along each day for information, pictures and participate in the fun from my travels to Mexico. This kicks off the series which will start tomorrow, Monday the 15th

A wordle post for FUN regarding GROUP Travel

Have you heard of a wordle? I hadn't until a few days ago. Kinda fun, sorta artistic. I plugged in the url of this blog and it picked up on the most recent post (scroll back to read about group travel), and bingo here's what you get. It's black and white unless you choice colors. I choose orange because of the current season of fall leaves and so it then choice colors associated with it. Give it a try, it's fun, it's free, it's easy, and it's fast! No much news for you today regarding travel, but thought you might enjoy some fun. Pop back tomorrow for Friday Fun with Flat Stanley

Group Travel

Group travel has both pluses and minuses. You need to actually think about it before you sign on to a group travel excursions.

Are you a scheduled person? If so, group travel can make you nuts. It's hard to get multiple people ready to go at a specific time and to agree when and where to go.

Are you flexible? If you're flexible group travel may be a breeze for you. If you have one thing in mind and do the opposite you need to ask yourself ahead of time if that will be ok with you. Will it disrupt you and cause you irritation?

Are the folks you plan to travel with like minded? Do they like to do the same sort of things? If not, you could have a problem. If group 1 is active and wants to get up early to exercise; and group 2 wants to sleep in, get up leisurely and take the day as it comes without things being pre-arranged or scheduled. You might have conflicts. Will the early birds be quiet, are they content to do their own thing and leave you be?

Group Travel can save y…