Villa Paraiso, Manzanillo, Mexico

Ernie and SandyWelcome to Mexico. Sorry these pictures are out of order. I've loaded them twice, seem to be having some tech issues. Ernie and I here, relaxing after lunch on Day 1. Look at the food, tons of wonderful food. Yes, we are in our bathing suits. We lived in them for a week. Note to self, pack more suits and fewer clothes in the future. One can get very relaxed after several good margarita's.
Mexican lunchA close up of some of the food for our typical lunch. Chips, Margarita's, Tortilla's and more not shown in this photo. No one left hungry.
BarMeet Joel, our bar tender. Actually Joel did many things there at the house, Villa Paraiso I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up. Day 1 began early, before daylight early -arriving at the airport. After making it to Houston we flew into ZLO (Manzanillo). The airport is about 35 miles north of the city of Manzanillo on highway 200. We were met by our guide/driver Antonio. He transported 7 of us to the Villa, where we met the staff. They were fabulous. They greeted us with a tray of waiting margarita's and nice warm cloth to towel off after our 2 flights and van drive. AWESOME beginning.
Ohio State DudeThey gave us a tour of the house, we each selected our bedroom and quickly got into swim suits. We made our way outside to The Palapa (were we virtually lived for the duration of the week); refilled our glasses and were soon served our lunch. This was a nice touch, The Buckeye Dude by the bar. The house is owned by a fellow Ohioan, a Buckeye.
poolThis pool view is awesome. You're looking out at The Sierra Madre Mtns, the Pacific Ocean; the bar is to your right should you need a refill.
sunsetOur first breathtaking sunset. This shot was standing behind the pool in the above photo.
sunsetThe sun is almost dipping into the water here, or so it seems. The pools water in the foreground. Manzanillo is a busy port city in the state of Colima in Mexico. It's home to The Navy, and is The Sailfish Capital of the world.

Once the sunset we ventured indoors for dinner, but returned again after dinner to The Palapa to visit, and enjoy ourselves before calling it a night. The house is an open air home, some folks left their doors open to the outside, others used the a.c. at night only. The weather was fabulous.

Return for more fun and information, I've got a lot to share.

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  1. It looks so beautiful there! Now I'm dreaming of a trip to Mexico!

  2. Do dream I truthfully wasn't that anxious to go there, was a bit afraid given the news you hear on TV etc. But, it was very pretty, great weather, and very relaxing. Beaded

  3. Looks like an amazing trip! What a great way to relax and just forget your cares!

  4. RELAXING, right you are SLColman. With the ugly weather we're having again today, I love looking at these pictures.

  5. WOW! Love the sunset shot! Perfectly captured! :D

    You indeed had a fantastic trip in Mexico!

  6. It looks like a very nice resort. I wish I can do the same.

  7. Wow, that one is truly a lovely place. It's great that you have shared the photo of sunset, it's really breath taking. Seems that you have a great vacation in Mexico!


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