Not a typical day at The Beach, Manzanillo Mexico

crocked beach partiersOnce again the order I wanted on the blog seems to be an issue. Apologies that they aren't in the nicest order. Two friends here, one still wearing a party hat. Not a typical day at the beach. Not for me anyway. A normal day at the beach might be a packed lunch/packed cooler and a couple of beach towels and or beach chairs. This is doing it up in style folks. One might ask who's crocked here, those in the photo's (see drinks in hands), or the photographer. lol
party and bar areaOur table area in the shade of a Palapa, table cloth, and real dishes in the foreground with the bar area further back. The staff prepares the area then transported us there for a wonderful day at the beach with fabulous food and drink.
pretty table settingReal silverware, cloth napkins; so much nicer than paper and plastic. And when you see the food they prepared for us....truly the real stuff is needed.
private beachVilla Paraiso has access to this private beach. The day we were there, we were the only ones. The town of Manzanillo is off in the distance there. We're in the vicinity here of where the movie 10 was filmed. I'd show you a picture of me running the beach, looking like Bo Derek's look alike...except I'm taking the pictures you see. lol
kabobsThe Shrimp, Chicken, and Beef Kabobs were fabulous.
party hatsAn attempt to get all 9 of us in our party hats failed, but you can still see how festive everyone was in their special sombrero's.
food viewFood view with chilled adult beverages.
Party AnimalIn case you wonder how to show you're having a good time, use this photo as your guide. Here forward this picture will appear in Websters under the words Party Hats.
bathhouseThis is the bath house which was quite large and very nice. There were lots of tables inside, and facilities for concessions which I believe are open during the "in season". We were there just 1 week before the "in season".
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  1. who love's the sun?.. everybody loves the sun. I'm sure you do. The white sand beach at Manzanillo, Mexico gives a big smile on the faces of everyone who visits the place. I perfect destination to spend summer. Great post!

  2. Beyond any doubt blog with valuable informations.

  3. Hi this is chase and it's the first time I've read your blogs. Aren't you the luckiest? Your photos show you having a good time in a great place with great food and great people.

  4. I've been wanting to go to Mexico all my life but don't have any idea where to spend my vaaction that would surely make my stay memorable. But with this article you posted, I know now where I could get those mouth watering kebabs and all! Thanks for this amazing article!

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  6. Great picture Collections. im enjoying with your Blog.

  7. Those kabobs look amazing. The whole trip sounds wonderful and the pictures do it justice.

  8. This is one of my favorite beaches ever and I've been all over South America. Truly paradise!

  9. You were having great time at Manzanillo. Perfect way to spend time on beaches for peace and change in regular routine that we are tired of.

  10. That photo of the beach is so exhilarating. Those foods are really yummy. I especially like shrimps although I have an allergy of it. This would be a perfect destination for beach lovers. BTW, I like your blog, informative and visiting here makes me feel like vacationing as well.

  11. Just found your site its designed very well.
    just wondering do you have any advice for when going on holiday with a big family that consists of cousins, partners, nephews, sisters and family members total 18 of us....could be a logistic nightmare!

  12. Thank you for the share... Looks like you had a wonderful time in Manzanillo Mexico Beach. Isn't fun to go on a travel and share your experiences to the world? I just love reading blogs and it makes me reach places with my imagination.


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