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Park City, Utah (Marriott Time Shares)

Master Suite



Our building, Silver Nugget

Our village view

Lockoff/quest room


Living & Dining Room with fireplace


Park City, Utah at Marriott's Summit Watch Time Share. This is a wonderful location. It's pretty, there's lots to do, the facility if very nice. There are many ways to stay in a Marriott Time Share. The most common and obvious way is to be an owner. When you're an owner you have options of staying in your home resort, or trading it through Interval International for a different location. In addition, Marriott has a new program where you buy Destination Points and use those to book your stay. Personally, I'm not a fan of the new system; the old system seems a better bang for your buck. Even with the 2 systems in place there are often still availabilities and non Marriott Time Share Owners can book stays at these wonderful facilities. Some facilities (generally during off seasons) allow exchanges to be made using Marriott …

How to shop when you Travel (Park City Utah)

Traveling and going on family vacations makes people happy. Being happy makes everyone want to remember. Most people like to buy souvenirs, something to remind them of the fun they had while on vacation....something to remind them of a particularly fun vacation spot. Yes, we hit t-shirt shops, but...that's not the best way I think to spend vacation dollars. I like to buy things I'll wear, and really use; not just a t-shirt advertising a location that will wear out soon. Here is an artistic craft item my Darling Daughter picked up. How cute is this! Firstly, it's purple...her signature color which assures it will go with almost everything in her wardrobe, it's handmade which supports a local artist. I'm always a fan of that. We were shopping in a fun, funky little shop in Park City, Utah called Olive & Tweed. I'm a crafter (knitting and crocheting), and so like to support fellow artists/crafters as does my DD.
I like to buy Christmas Tree ornaments…