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Palm Desert/Springs California

Mariott's Shadow Ridge Time Share entrance is beautifully landscaped as it the whole resort here at Palm Desert/Desert Springs area. Have you considered a time share? There are multiple ways to vacation in one. First of course is to purchase a time share. Marriott's original system was to purchase a week, their current system is to purchase destination points which you then use to reserve your lodging. Sometimes you can reserve accomodations using your Marriott Rewards Points, while other times you can rent the accommodations either directly from Marriott or from an individual owner.
We enjoyed this beautiful morning sky from our balcony in Shadow Ridge Villages last fall. It was cool in the early morning and later in the day. But, beautiful the bulk of the day.

A view of the mountains, with the sun coming up again from the balcony. The sun was nice and warm in the morning. Great place to sip your coffee and enjoy the view.
Palm Trees, Mountains, and a beautiful golf co…

Palm Springs California

It's a good idea to ask what the special drink of the day is when you head to a resort pool. This tasty Bloody Mary was served at the pool bar in Palm Desert's Marriott Shadow Ridge Resort. You can enjoy yourself, and take advantage of specials/sales without spending the big bucks!
Not perhaps a sunny hot day to lounge in the water..........look the view though folks. We did sit at the pool, we did have our swim suits on with sun screen. The sun did peak out here and there. People did enjoy the hot tubs and yes there is some snow on the mountains way off in distance. A cool day at the pool relaxing and reading and sipping a Bloody Mary, still bits the heck out of being indoors. When on vacation, don't let a bad weather day ruin your fun.

We learned after the fact that this fireplace could have been turned on for us, had we made a phone call. Note to self.....when you're on vacation and see a fireplace by the pool it is for more then appearance. Our friendly bart…

Traveling Memories

I am reminded of travels here and there even when decorating my Christmas Tree. Yes, we're past Christmas and decorations have been put away. But, as I was un-decorating snapped a few photo's of some of my favorite ornaments. Some are newer then others. Some tell you about where we were when I picked them out, others maybe a bit more about me, my habits.......the things I like. A martini glass....I do love Martini's, sometimes I drink a Dirty Martini (thus the olives), other times a LemonDrop. I love making them too, so this ornament is most fitting. Purchased this past summer while vacationing in Park City, Utah. Lots of info about Park City Check it out if you're heading that direction or are looking for an idea of where to do.
Hilton Head Harbor Light House on the left and a fun Christmas Duck on a sailboat from Lake Erie (Ohio) on the right. Lots of posts for both Hilton Head and Ohio. Need information, want ideas of what to see, where to eat? Try these …

Packing Tip

This is a packing tip for my fellow crafters out there. Knitters and crocheters, loomers and sewers. I've often gotten questions regarding what one can carry on, what's the best way to pack crafts etc. Many people read while traveling (probably more by plane then car), many want to knit or crochet or do other crafts. What works? Knitting and crocheting small pieces work well. You don't want to infringe on seatmates space so stay away from larger items, or pack those in your suitcases.

People have asked about carrying on knitting needles. I've reviewed websites of several airlines and don't find them to be restrictive; though most people think they are. I often gotten questions while flying, as I am knitting. People seemed surprised you can do that. I've not had any trouble. I've flown domestically and internationally successfully with knitting. I do suggest you not have your very best needles...just in case they want them to be left behind and al…