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Drayton Hall, Charleston South Carolina

Drayton Hall
The front of the historic sign indicates this plantation house is the only one along the Ashley River that has survived. That's it architecture is that of Georgian Palladian. The nature of that architecture is that the house inside and outside is balanced. What is to the right of door for example visually appears to be the same as that on left. If a bookcase or fireplace is a room with a shelf or window or one side, you'll find the same feature on the other.

Side 2 of the sign talks about how grand, the Drayton families were. That William Henry (1742-1779) was a Revolutionary War Patriot, and Chief Justice in South Carolina, and a member of The Continental Congress. A person who fought for his rights, a person who fought to be free of someone else's control. It goes on to tell us Dr. Charles Drayton (1743-1822) was Lt. Governor, and John Drayton (1767-1822) was Governor of the State of South Carolina. Well yes, on the surface this would seem to be quite …

Golf on Hilton Head Island

There are many who might say Golf is Hilton Head's middle name. They think of golf immediately when they think of Hilton Head. While others might think Beach. I think History, Civil War, Good Food, and more. For some good background on all Hilton Head has to offer, see these two post:
Meanwhile, back to golf. There are 26 golf courses on The Island with many more nearby. 20 of those 26 are championship courses. The Island, Hilton Head isn't all that large measuring 56 square miles, so 26 golf courses is Alot! That many courses gives you much to choice from. There are golf packages sometimes associated with a specific hotel or timeshare; there are packages which group certain courses together also.
These views are from the top of The Harbour Town Light House viewing The famous Harbour Town Golf Links Course where the prestigious Heritage Classic takes place.
The course is right next to the beach and the ocean, on land formerly a plantation. A plantation owned by The Lawt…

Harbour Town Hilton Head

Beautiful landscape, and The Lighthouse off in the distance. This is the view I had from the sidewalks edge from my accommodations at The Heritage Club. A short walk or ride on a bike through this path and you're smack dab in the middle of the shopping and dining area of Harbour Town.

One of the many restaurants. There are many, and most are opened both in and off season. Some have both inside and outside seating, many have great views. There's casual as well as more up scale dining options. Harbour Town Grill, C's, Harbour Town Bakery & Cafe, Quarterdeck to name a few. Want to combine dinner and entertainment, schedule a sunset dinner cruise on The Spirit of Harbour Town.

Enjoy the many sites as you walk, ride or sit and enjoy. Watch the boats, the fishermen, the golfers off in a distance. In season there are many activities such as The Junior Golfer's Program, Ghost Stories, and free concerts by Gregg Russell to enjoy in Harbour Town. This particular scen…

Harbour Town Lighthouse, Hilton Head Island

Due to the number of photo's in this post, I opted for small photo's, but do click to enlarge them. All pictures are always clickable so you can see them better. But, using smaller photo's helps bandwidth and blog loading issues.
A very famous lighthouse, that's really NOT a lighthouse. The red and white 90 foot lighthouse was built in 1970, never served as a lighthouse...not a beacon to welcome weary ships in from their dangerous journeys at sea. It was built at Braddocks Point after Lawton Stables (formerly Lawton Plantation) was moved; as development for the area was in full swing. Shops, lodging, boat docks and of course The famous golf course, Harbour Town Golf Links where the famous Heritage Golf Classic takes place. If you've ever viewed this on TV, you've seen this lighthouse. It's the most recognized and photographed item on Hilton Head Island.
In the inside of the Lighthouse is a museum with historic pictures and memorabilia, as well as 2 gif…

Robert Irvine's Eat Hilton Head

Red, hot, and dark. Those were the first things that came to mind when we sat down in our private circle booth for 2 at Robert Irvine's Eat! It's small and in a little shopping mall; a bit hard to find...but then many restaurants are in Hilton Head. That's apparently by design. The restaurant is quite dark, which is why the quality of the pictures is poor. I was surprised to see it so dark as our reservations were at 7 and it was through the week. Plus watching him on his many TV shows, he's often talked about the importance of not having a restaurant so dark it's patrons can't see the menu or wonder how clean the place is. Everything is red and black, very um-comfortably dark. Even the food looks red which isn't as appealing visually as it could be.

These pictures would be even more red had I not made some adjustments on the computer to the picture. We were there during restaurant week, so that made the pricing less of an issue then it otherwise mig…