Monday, April 1, 2013


I've gotten into this A-Z April Blog Challenge late in the game with this blog, thus this post will be brief in order to meet the deadline.  This is Claudia, cutest, friendliest, best known bar tender on the whole island.  We've enjoyed happy hours with her 2 years running and are looking forward to our next trip in the fall.  If you look at the sidebar, in the cloud area you'll see I've posted about Aruba 6 previous times.  I still have plenty to say and will be posting more.

No, happy hour isn't the reason to go to Aruba, but it's always the highlight of our days there.  It's an easy international location to visit.  They like Americans, everyone is friendly, it's easy to get around, you do not need to transfer monies or speak the language.  They all speak Enlish among multiple other languages.  Claudia here is from Columbia, so she speak 3 or 4 languages.

Sun, Surf, Beach, and being barefoot...............all day long.  Heck, there's a few places you're encouraged to kick off your shoes if you have them on for dinner even.  We love it there, are anxious to return.  In the meantime....take a virtual trip and click on the above link.

Tomorrow will venture somewhere with a B

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  1. Sounds like my kind of place - sun, sand and hopefully lots of shopping!

    Popped in from the AtoZ Challenge.

  2. Thanks Tami for the visit, we didn't shop much there; just not a big shopper but it is a good place to buy jewelry.

  3. Haven't been yet, someday! Looking forward to following along during A to Z.

  4. Saw your comment about A-Z challenge; signed up today ... posted material delayed in display due to some blogger issue

    Have resumed regular posting and catching up on posts (for April poetry month and A-Z challenge)

    Thank you for visiting my blog,
    Hv a nice day!

  5. Sounds great, Brazil's a bit chilly tonight. happy A to Z.


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